My Untitled Prayer

Lord, You are truth. All else is failing.
You order my heart.
Though my heart doesn't always understand.
I have great aspirations but often lose my way in the bigness of it all.
And I am overcome with expectation; expectation of myself.

I struggle to see past the chaos.
Where do I go now? What do I do next?

Yet You draw near to me as I draw near to You.
In this nearness, I can see scars of a work already completed.
And I am undone.
There is nothing left to say.

You finished it before I ever started.

Copyright © 2010 Michelle Holderman


  1. What chaos do you possibly see that is so overwhelming in Kentucky?

  2. Well Koba, I'm actually making a personal life reference regarding chaos. But why would you find it so difficult to fathom that some form of overwhelming chaos might possibly exist in Kentucky? Just curious :)