A Time Of Transition

I'm in a process of transition - with everything. It's difficult, ugly, painful, exciting and beautiful; all at the same time. I've left where I once was but have not yet arrived to where I'm destined to be. I'm in the process of getting there. I suppose one could actually say that I've been in transit for awhile now but this is really more distinct. It's an appointed time.

The thing I'm finding out about journeying through this transitional period is that it is requiring me to tie up the loose ends of the past. And it's requiring me to integrate what needs to be integrated in order to move ahead. Loose ends, as short as they may be, can become a serious hindrance down the road if not fully dealt with and secured. And so I am. It's all apart of the process.

And this process is permeating every facet of my life including this blog. If you've not noticed already, I recently changed the name from iWitness to The Ragamuffin Saint. I've been thinking and praying about this for awhile now and then suddenly; I knew it was time. I think this change in itself speaks of the transition period I'm in. You can expect to see more changes to my blog as we go. It's really a reflection of what is taking place in my life. So please bear with me. It might take some time to navigate this.

Transition isn't a bad thing. It isn't a fearless thing either. It can feel really iffy sometimes. It reveals the leaky cracks in our life that we thought were neatly sealed but are really in need of repairing. It can ignite us and frustrate us. And I think it can certainly both test and grow our faith and patience. It can be tiring too so rest periods are vital. It's really a unique combination of holding on and letting go.

While I believe we all go through different times of transition throughout our lives, some big and some small, there are those transitional times that are more significant than others. This is one of those for me. And I think know it's apart of an overall transformation the Lord is orchestrating. Move over Ty Pennington. This is Extreme Makeover: God's Edition.

This isn't easy but it's necessary. This pathway bridging past to future, old to new, is challenging but I welcome it. On one hand, this just seems like another familiar stretch in the road after so many long years of traveling it. On the other hand, this is new territory. I've never been this way before. And I have already experienced some unexpecteds. That's my new word - unexpecteds. Unexpecteds are those people and/or things that you didn't expect or foresee but were sort of snuck in on you for your benefit. It might not feel so beneficial initially but it ultimately is. Nevertheless, this is where trust comes in. And that is something I know how to do. I know how to trust Jesus in difficult, ambiguous times. I know how to lean on Him. I've learned to.

I don't know how long this process will take but as I walk through it, I hope to share some of the changes that will be occurring. I hope to encourage you in your journey. And I hope we can all come to see our places in Christ more clearly.

Copyright © 2011 Michelle Holderman


  1. Hi Michelle..this post is so beautiful. I feel like I am in the same place...a transition orchestrated by God....You have expressed a lot of what i am feeling...and done it so well. I too have been contemplating a blog change with my blog, My Autumn Years! I have felt a shift in my inner core taking place. My husband has felt the same thing the past few days

    I look forward to reading more about what God is doing in your life.

  2. Thank you Renee. Wow...it really gets my attention that you and your husband are both feeling the same way. This is getting interesting :) I look forward to reading about the shift and transition that God is orchestrating in your life as well. I want to check out your other blog, My Autumn Years, too. Take care. Blessings to both you and Joel.