Lyme Disease On The Dr. Phil Show

Been offline for awhile. Have had a setback. It's been a very difficult past couple months. Hope to blog soon about it but for now; I'm just not feeling well enough. 

Part of The Dr. Phil show last Friday was about Lyme disease. Just wanted to say thanks so much to Dr. Phil, his staff, Dr. Bhakta, Kathy, Brooke and Stephanie for opening this important door to talk about chronic Lyme and how devastating it is. It's only a drop in the bucket but I believe it is a significant first step to better education and dialog. Hope and pray they will do more follow-up shows and bring other Lyme patients and doctors on to reveal the whole gamut of LD and co-infections as well as other viable treatments and therapies. 

On a side note, I was working on a new blog (dedicated to my own journey with chronic Lyme disease) prior to this setback. This is not quite how I wanted to introduce my new Lyme blog, but so it goes. It's still a work in progress. I'll continue posting health updates here as well but wanted to start a blog that focuses solely on Lyme and health related topics. Hopefully be able to start blogging again soon both here at TRS and over at my new blog, My Lyme Symphony

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  1. Wonderful to hear from you Michelle. I have been wondering if you had taken a step back in your health since you were not commenting or posting. Praying you are back on track again soon. Yes, it was good to have this show done and get the message out there!! A big step!