The Symphony and The Static by Pontifex

I really love what Father Claude Burns (aka Father Pontifex), a rapping Catholic priest and urban poet from Indiana, is doing to spread the Gospel. With a fresh blend of hip-hop, electronica, and orchestral strings, he writes and performs songs in spoken word from his perspective about the joys and pains of life; the drama and the tension. Or as he so eloquently puts it, "the symphony and the static". He also raps about love, mercy and discipleship.

I'm not Catholic, but he is my brother in Christ. And I love his meaningful, truthful, and unique approach to communicating life and Jesus. And I absolutely love the different infusions of sound and music on this album, The Symphony and The Static. It's truly worth listening to. In a behind the scenes video, Father Pontifex said this project was inspired by the Holy Spirit. You can read more about him and his music at

Thought I would share a couple of his videos (brilliantly filmed by Spirit Juice Studios) beginning with The Overture, which focuses on the harmonious and chaotic seasons of this journey called life. The music and videography are equally fantastic and very creative. I'll post the second video later on.

Hope you enjoy.


- Michelle

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