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I started The Ragamuffin Saint in 2010 and have been blogging here ever since. I always try to write authentically from the heart. Some posts are based on my own experiences, musings, and insights; some are inspired solely by the Holy Spirit; and some are a combination of these. Regardless, I find it interesting to know which blog posts hit home the most with people. 

It is always meaningful to me when someone leaves a comment or sends an email to express how a particular blog spoke to them, or perhaps confirmed something they were praying about. It's truly a sincere honor, and quite humbling as well, to write words that have the capacity to touch another's soul or spirit. I don't take it lightly. With that thought in my mind, I wanted to share, as of now, The Ragamuffin Saint's top ten posts of all time. They're listed in order of most views. 

As always, thank you for reading.

~ Michelle

Posted August 6, 2010

Posted June 22, 2012

Posted January 20, 2014

Posted February 15, 2012

Posted February 7, 2015

Posted July 11, 2012

Posted August 3, 2012

Posted August 4, 2013

Posted October 19, 2013

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