About The Ragamuffin Saint

What is a ragamuffin saint?

My personal view of this can be read in its entirety in my blog post, The Ragamuffin Saints.

To sum it up...

A ragamuffin knows their very life is humbly and desperately dependent upon God the Father in every way. A saint knows their very life is righteously reconciled and liberated through Jesus Christ, the Son in every way.

Indeed, I am a ragamuffin saint in this context.

The Ragamuffin Saint is a blog about authentic living, which encompasses every facet of life. 

I write about Jesus.

I write about prophetic insights. 

And I write about relevant life issues.

Essentially, I write through the hope of my faith and through the leadership and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The Ragamuffin Saint is ultimately about the journey of life, and while this isn't always an easy, comfortable journey, I don't think it's necessarily supposed to be. Learning often comes wrapped in the least expected of gifts, while He often shows up in the least expected of ways and through the least expected of people. 

The one thing I can honestly say I've discovered about this life is that it's a process, a great big holy process. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it's messy, sometimes it's painful, and sometimes it's a complex mixture of the three. Nevertheless, He is always working all things together for our good.

I've also discovered Jesus is as much in the cracks and the dirt as He is the splendor and the glory. And likewise, His mercy, grace, and truth flow.

That's my prayer for you that regardless of what season you might be in, you'll discover Jesus is there too.

Whether you're in the beauty and sweetness of life, whether you're worn out and discouraged, whether you're in ashes and sorrow, or just living the regular everydayness of life; I pray you find Him extending His deep love, hope, and kindness to you because that's exactly what He's doing.

So consider yourself invited to join in. It would be an honor to have you follow along. Walking through life with family and friends makes this journey much more enjoyable, valuable, and sweet, even online.

With love and hope,



  1. I like your blog Michelle and enjoy reading the articles. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm honored to know this. You're always welcome here. Appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Many blessings to you. ~ Michelle

  2. Wooo weee <3 reading your words is like seeing all i feel hear and see put into words <3 i look to my Father my precious Jesus and my mouth literally falls open in awe <3 things i am reading are like listening to Jesus speak .. in my times alone with Him He tells me and shows me things you write <3 reading some of this stuff is like seeing our conversations in black and white and that leaves me in like shock awe =) tears of awe ..today i heard Him speak your name to me well He said Ragamuffin saint =) so i came to investigate further and i'm in AWE <3 i don't got words yet to express what i am finding here <3 i have a deep burning like heat burning in my belly as i read .. i just shake my head in awe.. i thank Jesus so much for how He has brought me here <3 and this is very precious .. about 3 or so weeks ago i buy a DVD named the ragamuffin saint or ragamuffin something at the Christian bookstore here and i give it to my daughter it was in the next few days after that i see something pop up on fb about ragamuffin something and i'm like wait a minute i just bought a dvd with that title and i go to see what it's about and that is how the connection came <3 our precious beautiful Jesus ways of His <3 i will start reading something you write and it's like i'm with Jesus alone and how we talk .. it's like our conversations at times.. i'm in awe .. and i am so SO THANKFUL to Him for this.. and He's taught me photography .. <3 i saw you are a photographer and you will always see me with my mp3 player .. music moves and speaks to me in ways i can't explain.. <3

    1. Valerie, I am in awe of what you wrote here!!! WOW. This brought tears to my eyes. He is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!! I don't take it lightly. Love and blessings to you always. <3 ~ Michelle

  3. I'm joining in the enjoyable, valuable and sweet journey with the "desperately dependent upon God the Father in every way" and "righteously reconciled and liberated through Jesus Christ in every way." Very grateful for Holy Spirit our Helper and Guide. Thank you Michelle for the invite!

    1. Welcome, Elsie. So glad to have join in! Bless you.

      ~ Michelle