Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Word of The Lord for The Prophets: Parts 1-4

The Father spoke to me and said He is releasing a fresh word to His Prophets now. This is the word and it is in four parts. He spoke four words to me - expansion, expectant, exposure and expression - and then He elaborated on each one. He asked me as a servant to release this on His behalf. And so therefore, I humbly submit this to you, His fellow servants, in much grace and love.


~ Michelle 

[December 17, 2013]

WOTL for the Prophets - Part 1

“1. Expansion (growth, development, increase, enlargement, extension, amplification)

This is a word I AM using on purpose, says the Father; for I AM about to expand My own who are yearning for an increase in Me. Said another way, it’s about to get really good for those who are on board with My Order.

I AM increasing My Favor upon My people.

Now to the prophets.

I want to release a word to My servants, the Prophets.

There are those who long for great revelation concerning the things of God. I will not disappoint them or those who are longing for My Son and His Righteousness.

I AM expanding My Prophets.

Get ready; for I AM about to send you out fresh among the people. I AM already aligning you who are called as My chosen servants and yield yourselves totally for My service in the earth.

As I AM spoken to you now, you already feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit as He leads your hearts into receiving this very word unto yourself. The more I AM spoken, the stronger the Spirit will direct you into the knowledge of what I want you each to know.

I AM calling on My Prophets to not only rend their own hearts; but to call My people into rending their hearts also (Joel 2). I AM lining up your hearts with My own in what is coming; for a time like no other looms on the horizon.

As you enter into the new year of 2014, I will release many of you into your new assignments. Some of you are coming out of intense warfare. Never worry; for I know how to tend My own.

I will set you apart in order to protect your hearts so that you can hear and receive from Me all that is coming on behalf of the Saints of God.

The start of one thing marks the end of another.

You are entered into a new time and a new season.

It is a time and a season of expansion.

WOTL for the Prophets - Part 2

2. Expectant (eager, hopeful, excited, expecting, pregnant)

My Prophets are carrying a new Word of God deep in their spirits and I've yet to draw it up out of you. All who are divinely called to serve in My Office, the Office of the Prophet (Ephesians 4:11), are pregnant with a fresh word from Me.

Perhaps you already know it. Some of you are sensing an unusual yet familiar stirring in your bellies. Some have even asked Me, “Father, what in the world am I sensing in my spirit?!” Let Me assure you that you are picking up much in your prophet’s spirit and it is aligned with Me and My Order.

I AM sealing My servants’ hearts together. You all are going to be united by the Order of Christ and it will rise up inside you. By this, I will speak as one to My Prophets. Yes. This is what I will do, says the Father.

Unity and not division among the Saints; this is what the times are calling for. All the petty bickering and all the false bearing of witness against one another must stop. For this is not how the Body of Christ should conduct themselves. I will not tolerate such behavior in My Church any longer.

Conviction must come in its fullness, says I AM.

I AM preparing the Saints to carry such a great message of My Heart to those who do not know what, or more precisely, who they are missing.

Yeshua is the message.

WOTL for the Prophets - Part 3

3. Exposure (disclosure, uncovering, revealing, unveiling, publicity)

Exposure is a multi-faceted thing. I AM exposing all truth; whether it be good or bad. This is what is coming next in its full measure.

Many are harboring ungodliness in their hearts. Many have stuffed back the skeletons that are in their closets so often; they don’t even recognize what those old bones really are anymore. Or how it really affects them.

I long for them to know the fullness of My touch. I want them to know healing in all those places where they are wounded and bound by the enemy. I long to bring them into the secret place where I AM. But many are not willing to give up their lifestyles or bondages. This holds them back. This prevents them from receiving fully what I long to give them. For if they are not willing to allow Me access into those deep places, how can I bring freedom to them? I long for them to not only know Me but to understand all I have for them and their families. I carry a better word for them and they do not understand this.

Some believers, however, have flatly disregarded all that Holy Spirit has tried to show them. They walk a path that appeals to their fleshly desires instead of yielding to Me. It will cost them.

I will expose all the great things I AM doing as well. All those who, in this past season, have remained hidden and concealed by My Order are going to be let out and released to serve My Order to the people of God. This will shatter the misconceptions others have developed about who you are.

They are going to be given a choice: Receive My Prophets in the Name of Jesus and you will receive a prophet’s reward. Or reject My Prophets and receive nothing (Matthew 10:41).

The greater the exposure, the greater My Sound (frequency) that will reverberate throughout the earth, says the Father.

I AM pouring out a fresh, new Sound

WOTL for the Prophets - Part 4

4. Expression (manifestation, appearance, utterance, communication, demonstration,  representation)

My expression is sure and safe.

Now is the time I AM calling My Prophets to arise. Now is the time I AM calling you to go forth for Me and declare this fresh, new word that is deposited inside your spirits. It will be accompanied by a fresh new anointing of My Spirit. It will be accompanied by this fresh new Sound.

My Prophets are set aside for Me. They are all-consuming in their knowledge of My Order and speak out and declare the things of the Kingdom. They are tested and tried. They are sure of their calling. They know more is required than what they are able to give and so this puts them in a place of total trust and dependence upon Me.

I require much of My Prophets. And in this hour that you are approaching, I will pour out grace and favor on you as I never have before so you might carry the fresh, new Sound I AM sending into the earth. I will awaken this Sound through you who are My Prophets as you carry My Order to My people.

The development of My expression is in your hearts.

I will draw you out and away from all things. Don’t let anyone or anything take you away from where I want you to be. Your place is before My Throne. Your place of safety is found in Me. My covering is what will allow you access to those places that you are least likely to enter into on your own. This is where My Favor will make the way for you. For out of the least likely of places you would ever think to go or be; I will draw the well of Jacob on your behalf and supply you with the refreshing you will need. I will support you in all that you are going to do for My sake and the sake of The Kingdom.

So shake the dust from off yourselves, as you have struggled in times past. For now is a new day and I AM calling you out from the places you are in; I AM adjusting your mantles; and I AM placing My great Favor upon you in the new places I AM calling you to occupy; for the wind carries a great new Sound, a Sound from Heaven.

There are strategies I AM giving to the Saints in order to carry out what I desire to happen. I AM backing up the ones who are not leaning on their own understanding but who are seeking Me in all things. 

You are My expression in the earth; you who are My sons and My daughters. You are the ones carrying the great new Sound and you will feed it to My people. You will ever thirst for more of My righteousness and it will give you greater access to the places you are to go on My behalf. 

I AM forming divine alliances among My people also. The windows of Heaven are opening and they are sending out messages in the form of fresh revelation. You are to carry these messages as I expressly direct you to. Do not turn from it but ingest all I have for you and your walk will be well with Me.

These alliances are promoting My agenda in the earth. They draw together the resources of My people and make stronger the bonds that hold you together in Christ. For Yeshua is your greatest hope. He is your greatest strength. He is gathering His own in order to send you out so that you might carry His message of love and hope to a dying world.  So you might be a shelter to those who are without a covering.

Oh Prophets of God, will you feed My Sheep?" 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Share Your Scars Well (Your Scars, Your Story)

I think maybe before I got sick I didn't realize how often God actually allows us to endure the heat of the battle. And I didn't realize how many battle scars come with that, but I can better see now how valuable those scars really are. I see how these scars, in the hands of our nail-scarred Savior, can be used for the purposes of His Kingdom, and to help others who are going through things we've already been through or have been dealing with for a very long time ourselves. And I see how our scars speak of where we've been, what we've wrestled with, and how we've dealt with it all. It's painful but precious in His hands.

I heard Pastor Rick Warren say after the death of his son earlier this year that we need more “wounded healers.” I totally get that. And I totally agree. Someone who has been there and done that has credibility like nobody else. We can deeply relate to them.

Those somebodies who've kept on keeping on and persevered despite immense suffering; those who've continued to walk the long arduous walk despite all the agonizing setbacks, detours, and obstacles. Somebody who's been in the rocky places, the scary places, the hellish places, the lonely places, the dark places, and the valley places. Someone who is not afraid to acknowledge the truth of their struggle or how hard it’s been. Somebody who's been in the dirt and the trenches. Someone who's real and genuine.


I want to hear from these people.

I want to hear from those who've been on the front lines of the battle and are bruised up, banged up, and scarred up, but haven't given up. I want to hear from those who've lost a lot but still dare to hold onto hope. Those who've been hurt much yet still love more. Those who've been knocked down time and time again, but still manage to get up over and over, and over.

These people have keen wisdom and insight, not only because of all they've endured (things most people will never fully know about), but also because they've allowed the Lord to work deeply in them, and through their whole painful, ugly mess. 

They know suffering. They know hardship. They know brokenness. And they know God. They know how to lean on Him in hard times. They know how to trust Him. And they know how to dig in for the long haul.
These are the ones who emerge from the smoky haze of battle, scars and all, as the true warriors this world so desperately needs. They might come out limping, or they might come out crawling, but they come out nonetheless. And they often help bring others out with them. They carry the true nature of an overcomer. However, they don’t make light of the battle. They don’t pretend to know or have all the answers, but instead; they're humble, compassionate, and resolute. They've developed tough skin and a tender, brave heart - a servant’s heart.

Photo Credit: Watson Brown
These are the people who will birth something beautiful from their messes. And a beautiful mess cannot be born a part from God. He’s the only one who truly knows how to birth beauty from pain. He’s the one who is birthing these battle-scarred heroes this generation is so needing.

Perhaps you’re one of them. Perhaps God is in the process of birthing something uniquely beautiful in you and through you with something only you can do and give. Please don't quit now because He won't waste what you're going through.

Do not give up.

Hold on, dear one.

I know it hurts, I know it’s crazy hard, and I know you're weary. I know you cannot fully see where this is going, but I encourage you to hold onto the One who knows and understands suffering so well.

Jesus - keep trusting Him.

He's got you, even when it doesn't feel like it. He’s working deep and preparing you for your purpose. He's preparing you to administer healing and restoration to broken hearts and broken bodies. He’s preparing you to tell your story. And there are people who will desperately need to hear what you have to say because it will give them hope and inspire them to go on. 

So when the time is right, share your scars well.

They're the proof of what you've been through.

They uniquely tell your story.

And your scars will one day encourage someone who's in the fight of their life - just like you are now.

- Michelle

Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2013 

Saturday, August 10, 2013


1. Hope [ho'hp] transitive verb: 
a) to desire with expectation of obtainment;
b) to expect with confidence: trust; rely

2. Hope [ho'hp] noun:
a) desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment; expectation of success 
b) the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best
c) someone or something on which hopes are centered
( and Merriam-Webster)

 Hope doesn't necessarily exist apart from struggle. In fact, there's usually a battle raging. What hope does is to remind us there is the possibility of something better. Hope speaks a continual, "Don't quit." It 's that ever present whisper in our hearts that says, "It's not over. You can do this." It's the proverbial Rocky music in our ears. 

And there is a greater hope as well. Romans 5 hope. Colossians 1 hope. It's the ultimate hope in my life. It's what keeps me going in this journey.

~ Michelle

"While there is life there is hope - and while there is hope there is life." - E.E. Holmes

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sometimes Barren Fields Are Most Beautiful

There's just something really beautiful about a barren field to me. I love the way it looks. I love how big and open it is. I love its simplicity. I love to photograph it.

Even though nothing is tangibly growing, a barren field holds great potential. A field of dreams, if you will.

This is rather symbolic of some seasons we go through in our lives.

Sometimes we're planting and sowing. Sometimes we're waiting for the harvest to come in. And sometimes we're yielding and reaping a great abundance.

And then there's other times we're just sitting dormant. Nothing special going on.

Or so it seems.

Yet if you know anything about farming or gardening, you know that a great deal goes on beneath the surface during these times. Underground is where all the action is. Many important preparatory things take place out of sight here. This process is what readies the ground for it's next growing cycle.

Every so many years, a field needs to sit out an entire growing season so the ground can replenish itself. It's the equivalent of resting. And it's necessary.

So it is with us.

Sometimes God places us in a kind of dormancy in order to prepare us for what lies ahead. We need these seasons of silence, inactivity, and rest in order to produce greater harvests in the future.

These rest periods can feel really good. Perhaps even much needed. Or maybe they don't feel so good, especially if they're longer than we'd like. We can start feeling overlooked and forgotten after awhile. Maybe even lonely and uninspired.

However, while there doesn't seem to be anything remarkable happening during this time; beneath the surface, deep within us, He's at work. He is at work replenishing us and readying us to grow what He's planted in the soil of our hearts and spirits. He's preparing us to grow out our purpose. It is a necessary and refining process that leaves us matured with finer potential.

Those big, full fields beaming with their ripe bounty sure are an amazing sight to see.

But sometimes, barren fields are most beautiful.

~ Michelle

Michelle Holderman

Copyright © 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's Hot On My iPod: Glorious Ruins By Hillsong Live

I love everything about this album ~ the music, the lyrics, the title (it speaks to me how the ruins of our lives can be resurrected and glorified through Christ alone), and the cover (awesome colors and design). When it comes to music, I'm about the whole experience.

Most of all, I love the message and that Jesus is magnified. It's all about Him. It's the kind of album where you can't just pick a few songs you like; every song is fantastic and meaningful. When you purchase the whole album, a bonus sermon (also entitled Glorious Ruins) from Hillsong Church Senior Pastor Brian Houston is also included. Good stuff. A great, fresh worship album. Truly ministers to me. It's what's hot on my iPod right now.

P.S. If you're looking for some new worship music, I highly recommend Glorious Ruins.


~ Michelle

All I want, all I need
More of you, less of me
Take this life, Lord it's yours
Have my heart, have it all
Jesus, Jesus
All I want is to be like You
(To Be Like You)
Let the ruins come to life
In the beauty of Your Name
Rising up from the ashes
God forever You reign
(Glorious Ruins)
There is hope in the promise of the cross
You gave everything to save the world You love
And this hope is an anchor for my soul
Our God will stand unshakeable 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sound of Heaven

This is the Word of the Lord as it was spoken to me last Friday. The Holy Spirit led me to share it here on The Ragamuffin Saint. The Sound of Heaven is beginning to invade earth. His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  ~ Michelle

These are His Words:

"There is a sound I AM orchestrating, says the Father. A sound beyond anything that anyone knows of. A sound so extraordinary; it will not permit anything that is not of pure flow. 

My Sound, the Sound of Heaven, is making its entry into the earth.

Beyond that which you already know, I AM bending down to make My Glory known so that all who are calling upon My Son’s great name will know precisely that I AM who I say I AM.

Expression and exposure are both coming.

My expression in the earth through My sons and daughters is forthright already. However, I want to express more of Myself through you.

My exposure is already underway and will not make a whole lot of people happy. But I must uncover that which is concealed. I must make known what has occurred behind closed doors if you will (Luke 8:17). It is precisely My measure of grace that I AM pouring out upon My people, upon their homes and workplaces, that will ready them for what is coming, says the Lord.

Great finances will be entrusted into the hands of those who are ready to expand the Kingdom of God on earth. Those who do not yet know the value of trust I place upon those whom I entrust the very vault of Heaven too, are going to know firsthand why I have chosen them.

Many are already beginning to sense great awakenings within their very own spirits. However, many of the hearts of My very own people are in need of the exposure I have spoken of. They have yet to give over to Me what is rightfully Mine. They yearn for more, for greater and greater things, yet they not only rob Me; they exploit others for their very own gain. This is not how Kingdom ministers are to operate. They will know that I AM because of the exposure I AM sending, says Yahweh.

The Order of God bends for no one. I AM bringing a precious word to those whose hearts are yearning for more of My Order and My Presence. That is the very expression through which I will show them more of Myself.

More is not less and less is not more. But this is how the world sells it. It’s a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride of emotions for those who place more trust in their own sense of righteousness than in My Son’s.

You are righteous in My eyes because of Yeshua alone; nothing more and nothing less. His sacrifice made possible the extension of God’s grace, mercy, truth, and forgiveness. Apart from this, there is no righteousness. Many are perishing because of their lack of knowledge of the true Messiah.

As I release My expression in greater measure into the earth realm, there will be both sinner and saint who will rise to express who I AM. Can I not release a Sound so great that all who are going to hear it will be thrust into that very Sound itself? Both the mighty and the weak will long to hear it. Those who are of My Kingdom will carry My Sound in greater measure. I will astound many by The Sound of Heaven. Get ready for this awakening frequency to enter your hearts.

The greater the sound, the greater My authority that will awaken those whose hearts are troubled. Lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge [submit to] Me and I will make your paths plain [evident] (Proverbs 3:5-6). 


Michelle Holderman 
Copyright © 2015 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

God's Veterans

There's nothing quite like reading a book, listening to a song, or talking with someone who can help express exactly how we feel; especially when we can't. Amazingly, they put our emotions into words and it's usually because that person is writing or speaking from their own life story; their past or present pain, grief, heartache, struggle, or adversity; what they've endured and/or overcome.

Shared common life experiences can speak to us and move us in a way that nothing else can.

If we're called to help others heal physically, emotionally and/or spiritually, how much more effective and understanding will we be if we've gone through similar experiences ourselves?

It's not a prerequisite. However, helping others with the very things we've gone through or struggled with certainly makes a difference in how we recognize and empathize with their pain. After all, no one can fully understand that which they've never actually experienced themselves.

And God knows it.

He is raising up veterans in the Body of Christ who have "been there and done that" so real, genuine, heart-filled ministry can flow out from them and into the lives of others who are needing the wisdom, understanding, and compassion that living it can only bring.

These "veterans" won't necessarily be defined by their age but by their wide-ranging personal life experiences.

They will minister through their own Broken Hallelujahs.

They will function in truth, grace, purpose, faith, courage, and humility.

They will have the pure love of the Father's heart.

They will walk in true servanthood, compassion, and authority as Jesus did.

They will be led and anointed by the Holy Spirit.

Their battle scars will speak for themselves, and their words will carry the weight and depth of knowledge and credibility that personal experience uniquely gleans.

In other words, they will be needed for appointed times because they carry pearls of wisdom, revelation, and insight that no one else does.

God often takes others out ahead for the sake and benefit of those coming after them at a subsequent point; sometimes years or decades later. Call them forerunners, pioneers, or trailblazers but nevertheless; this process of being taken out ahead is necessary.

Experience and seasoning are imperative.

It doesn't always make sense while its happening but the Lord will use our hardships, trials, struggles, and battles to transform us and forge something fruitful and meaningful - if we let Him.

He will take what the enemy meant for our harm and use it for our good and His glory. He will also use it for the good and well-being of other people and His Kingdom.

Only God can birth something beautiful and valuable from something painful and ugly. 

Perhaps the reason your circumstances have yet to change, even though you've been doing everything right, is because the Lord is preparing and equipping you now in order to help others down the road, or even along the way, who'll be going through something similar and will need a seasoned, helping hand to guide and encourage them. 

Perhaps you are where you are because He is going to use you to bring about the change that you and so many others are praying for. 

Perhaps God has concealed the answer, the discovery, the move, the revelation, the cure, the breakthrough inside of you.

And perhaps the time for your coming forth is nearing.

Take heart, dear friends. And keep pressing on. Keep trusting in the One who loves you more than anything.

You may just be one of those veterans He's in the process of raising up. 

~ Michelle

Michelle Holderman 
Copyright © 2013 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

It's May and that means Lyme disease awareness month. Lyme is caused by the spirochetal bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) that is transmitted through the bite of an infected tick. Therefore Lyme is primarily a tick-borne infection. And ticks can potentially affect anyone. However, it can possibly be transmitted through infected mosquitoes, fleas and other insects as well. 

Lyme disease is not to be taken lightly. If left untreated or not treated sufficiently, Borrelia can disseminate throughout the body damaging cells, organs and tissues. It is a multi-system disease, meaning it affects many systems in the body. Late stage Lyme can greatly affect the heart, joints and muscles, as well as the nervous (central and peripheral) and immune systems. It has been documented that the Bb bacteria can invade the brain within the first 48-72 hours of infection. Lyme disease is also known as "the great imitator" because it can mimic so many other diseases and illnesses. So accurate diagnosis is paramount. 

Remember ticks also often carry other serious pathogens such as Bartonella (Cat Scratch Fever), Babesia, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Relapsing Fever, Q Fever, Tularemia and Powassan virus. This speaks of the more common picture of Lyme disease today, which is chronic relasping and includes multiple co-infections, such as those listed above, as well as viruses, parasites and fungals. This is more appropriately termed the Lyme disease complex. I'll be writing more about this throughout the month, as well as the life stages of ticks and how to recognize and remove them properly. 

We are now entering the season that ticks are most active (mid-Spring to Fall). So please be mindful to check yourself, your kids and your pets for ticks after being outdoors. And don't forget to check those inconspicuous places like belly buttons, underarms, in and behind ears, back of knees, between toes, and groan areas. 

Educate yourself. The following links will take you to my Lyme blog, My Lyme Symphony. Please see What Is Lyme Disease? for more detailed information about risk factors, safety precautions and the symptoms and stages of Lyme. Please see Resources for a list of helpful websites, blogs and books related to Lyme, co-infections and other relevant health issues.  You might also want to consider reading The Complexities of Lyme Disease series by Thomas Grier, M.S. Part 1 can be found here or the entire series is listed in My Lyme Symphony blog archive (March and April 2013).

Blessings Friends.

~ Michelle

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Life In Photos (Intro)

I'm working through more targeted treatment again and have not been feeling very well. However, I'm trying to focus on some other things to help me get through this time (as well as praying for fortitude). I'm a warrior and I will see this through. I'll walk my path and help bring His light to those dark places. Including Lyme disease.

The Ragamuffin Saint is partly a blog about my journey through life. So with that thought in mind, I'm starting a new series. Not with words but in photos that I've collaged with Picmonkey (one of my faves).

We all have a life story to tell. And it matters. I wanted to share some more of my story with you. I'll be periodically posting photo collages about me and my life. Sort of like my life story in images that will include some personal experiences, activities and things I like, people I love and yes; my long journey with chronic illness that's turned out to be chronic Lyme disease.

I wanted to change it up; try something different with a creative twist. Something I've not done before. So here goes. Part 1. A general introduction. Let me know what you think.


~ Michelle

Sunday, March 10, 2013


"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. And third, it is accepted as being self-evident." 
-Author Schopenhauer 

I'm concerned how those who stand up for the truth get bashed and torn to shreds by others who are threatened by that very truth itself. At the least, others stiff-arm them for their stand. But it can get pretty ugly sometimes too.

I'm more concerned that this is also going on in the Body of Christ.

If I've learned one thing about the truth it's that it often offends people. It has always been this way. Even in Jesus day.

What concerns me most is how others react to or treat those who are speaking truth. It's one thing to reject it. It's quite another to mount a malicious assault against that person or group of people because one felt offended or didn't like the truth being spoken.

Sometimes the truth is difficult to hear. Sometimes it's bittersweet. Nevertheless, that doesn't change any part of the truth itself.

When it comes to the truths of God and His Word, we don't get to pick and choose what we find applicable and what we do not. God's truth is just that - His truth. We align with it and not the other way around. I pray the Lord helps us all to walk carefully and humbly in this.

Ecclesiastes says there is a time for all things, including a time to speak and a time to be silent. I think we've entered into a time of standing up and speaking the truth in love. That is the key - to speak it in love.

Here's the thing about truth: it is what it is.

The truth has no agenda but to reveal the actual state of a matter; reality. You can deny it. You can stuff it in a closet, lock it up, and throw away the key. You can pronounce it dead and bury it. You can even give it a tombstone - Here lies the Truth. But eventually, the truth WILL come out. The truth cannot be buried, hidden away, or suppressed forever. Mark 4:22 confirms this, "For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open." 

We of all people, as disciples of Jesus, should desire to walk in truth. Not half-truths or self-serving truths (not just the parts of the truth that only make us feel better, look good or serve our desires). But all truth.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth who leads us into the knowledge of all truth (John 16:13). He wants to show us truth. And we need it. We need Him too. Perhaps more than we know.

However, I now believe the question has become, do we even want to hear and know the truth anymore? Because once we come into the knowledge of truth; we then become responsible for that knowledge. That scares some people. And some people just plain don't like it. But we cannot live rightly without truth governing our lives.

Satan, our enemy, opposes and despises the truth and those who stand for it. He will work through others who have that in common with him. But Paul said our battle is not with flesh and blood but with principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this age and spiritual wickedness in high or heavenly places (Ephesians 6).

We must first desire the truth in our own lives, as Jesus is the truth (John 14:6). The more time we spend with "the truth," that is Jesus, the more truth we will desire to walk in. And He is faithful to help us do that but we must get our hearts rightly aligned with Him and His order.

We must learn to stand in the strength of the Lord and the power of His might. We must seek His wise counsel. We need to put on and keep on the whole Armor of God, which includes the belt of truth (Ephesians 6:14). And we need to learn how to war the enemy through prayer, intercession, and the declaring of God's Word (our sword).

In the days to come, I seriously believe we're going to start seeing those who will adamantly take a stand for truth and those who will adamantly oppose it. We will see those who will surprise us all by standing up and speaking up for truth. Even those we'd least likely expect to do so. Conversely, we'll be just as surprised by those who won't. I think we've already begun to see this unfold but I believe we'll see it even more in government, business, education, medicine, and yes, within the Church.

We need to know and have understanding of the truths of God's Word. We must read and meditate on the Scriptures and let it soak in our hearts, minds and spirits. In other words, we got to study the Bible! And not causally but with intention and by the leading of the Spirit. This, balanced with godly discernment, will be what keeps many from end time deception, which is what Jesus warned of in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.

Only God Himself can reveal some truths but as His people; we should desire to have and walk in His perspective of truth. He operates in it. He delights in it. He abides in it. And so should we.

"Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth." 1 Corinthians 13:6

"The Lord detests lying lips but He delights in those who tell the truth." Proverbs 12:22

"These are the things you are to do: speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgement in your courts; do not plot evil against each other, and do not swear falsely. I hate all this, declares the Lord." Zechariah 8:16-17

"The sum of Your word is truth; and every one of Your righteous decrees endures forever." Psalm 119:160

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things." Philippians 4:8

~ Michelle

Copyright © 2013 Michelle Holderman