Perfectly Broken People

There are many people, and there are many reasons. Broken hearts, derailed by the circumstances of life. Misunderstood, overlooked, and marginalized. No one perceives.

Under the radar. Present but never seemingly visible. Longing to be noticed and accepted through eyes of true love and compassion. No one sees.

Memories from the past. Innocence stolen. Secrets kept. Lives void of sacred trust. Tear-stained hearts. No one knows.

Buried truths. Questions without answers. Eluded peace. Beautiful smiles are calloused over by relentless disappointments. No one cares.

Fragile faith. Misplaced beliefs. Leaking grace. Cries that echo in the stillness of silence. No one hears.

Deeply fatigued bodies. Pain-filled days. Empty conversations filled with empty words. Hope deferred. No one understands.

Betrayed confidence. Tainted vows. Ashes filled with lies. All the result of decadent desires. No one stays faithful.

Cruel words. Injured hearts. Apologies that never come. Generations of strife. No one believes.

Scars filled with chaos. Cut to the core. Habits to anesthetize the pain. Crippled relief. No one helps.

Untimely tragedy. An end that came too soon. Shattered dreams. Grief unobserved. No one weeps.

Broken bodies. Broken souls. Broken spirits.

We are perfectly broken people. We feel utterly wrecked, overlooked, forgotten, misunderstood, unheard, worn out, and discarded. We wear perfectly fitted masks to perfectly masquerade who we really are. And we are ever looking for a perfectly good reason to go on.

A Hill. A Cross. A Savior.

He was perfectly battered for our suffering bodies. He was perfectly denied for our languished souls. He was perfectly wounded for our wrongdoing.

Jesus was perfectly broken for us.

Now darkness gives way to light, and despair to hope. Lies give way to truth as sorrow gives way to joy. Fear gives way to peace. Bondage yields to freedom, and hate to love. Judgment gives way to mercy, and death gives way to abundant life.

Yes, we are perfectly found in our Beloved; in the beautiful aftermath of His Cross.

Therefore, God perceives. God sees. God knows.

God cares. God hears. God understands.

God stays faithful. God believes.

God helps. God weeps.

I only wanted to remind you, and me.


Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2011


  1. What a great reminder, Michelle!

  2. Amen Michelle! I was broken into so many pieces when Jesus found me, it was a major miracle to put me back together! Praise God for His mercy and grace! :-)

    God bless and have a wonderful Easter :-)


  3. God's people are the hands, feet and heart of a caring and loving God here in this broken world. He wants us to reach for the broken ones and and bring them His comfort.

    God's people perceive. God's people see. God's people know. God's people care. God's people hear. God's people understand. God's people stay faithful. God's people believe. God's people help. God's people weep.

  4. nice Michelle, hope and praying for you, very beautifully put.... Hope you have a blessed day!

    Pamela Bollinger

  5. Beautiful, Michelle. How grateful I am for a Savior who heals all wounds and lovingly binds the broken-hearted.

    Blessings to you,