God's Love Is Louder

Sometimes the heart needs to speak. Sometimes it must verbalize things unspoken and unknown. And sometimes the heart even longs to sing a not-so-pleasant melody of what we once experienced in our lives. Painful experiences. Experiences we've not dealt with, fully acknowledged, or healed.

It seems the longer we put off allowing those painful melodies their expression, the louder they get. 
But giving voice to those places isn't always so easy to do. We don't often know what needs to be released or where to begin. It all seems to be hidden somewhere deep; tucked away in places we don't really explore.  

Perhaps we've found traces of memories long forgotten, silent disappointments, unexpressed grief, expectations once hoped for, or dreams unfulfilled. Perhaps we've sensed something unsettled, untapped, or unresolved. And perhaps we don't know what to do with any of it.

Or maybe the truth is we're afraid to go there. We're afraid of what we might find in those ugly, painful, broken places; in those locked up, sealed-off places.

It's probably all better left undone anyway. No need to open a hornet's nest. Just leave well enough alone.

Or so our mulled thinking goes.

But like a closet stuffed full of junk, it won't go away or get cleaned out on its own; somebody has to do it.

As difficult as it might be, as unpleasant as it is, leaving injured places of the heart unattended can actually be more harmful to us. It can cause a great deal more damage. And it's cumulative.

Still, we can feel threatened by the very thought of opening that door, especially to the unknown. We'd almost rather take an extended detour than walk that way.

Maybe we don't understand the toll those places are actually taking on us. Perhaps we don't realize our hearts are suffering from suppressed pain or angst. Maybe we're not fully aware there's something wrong in the first place.

But if left unchecked, that bill will eventually come due. 

I've learned it's necessary to open the door to those places to walk in the wholeness and fullness of who God created us to be. It is necessary for our own well-being.

Many times we have to ask God if there is anything in our hearts and souls that need our attention. If we genuinely want to know, He will surely show us.

Yes, we might need help from someone who knows how to traverse such places. And the Lord will lead us to those right people at the right time who can help us. He, in His love, will give us the grace and courage to walk through it, but we must ultimately choose to open the door.

If you're lost in the noise of the past, or even if you don't know how to hear it, know His love is loud enough to lead you through.

God's love is louder than the painful places your broken heart utters to you. 

God's love is louder than the voice of the enemy who lies, accuses, condemns, shames, and slanders you.

God's love is louder than the actions of those who've hurt you, betrayed you, abused you, neglected you, injured you, rejected you, or mistreated you.  

God's love is louder than all your doubts, questions, and fears rolled together.

Open the door and allow that song from the past, whatever it is, to play. Allow God to help you through the healing process. And remember, no matter how awful it might sound, no matter how difficult it is to listen, no matter how loud the noise is; God's love is louder. 

And He wants to sing His everlasting love over you so you'll know His love is your enduring song. 

Always. Always.

Michelle Holderman

Copyright © 2012


  1. Michelle, this is beautiful. And so encouraging. Thank you for sharing these timely words. Have a blessed new year! -Jenn

    1. Thanks for reading, Jenn. Always glad to see you stop by. A blessed new year to you too! Take care :)


  2. Oh what a beautiful and encouraging post, Michelle. I love knowing Gods love is louder......

  3. Michelle...this is so beautifully said......I get it . I relate....and that pic...perfect. Hope the weekend shines for you

    1. Nikki, I know you get it. Your words speak for themselves. Hope your weekend shines brightly for you too :)

  4. This is so beautiful. Bless you for your talents and for sharing God's love! I have a blog too I am just starting, I am a Christian actor in NYC--would love your support!