You Are More

Do you ever have days that you feel inadequate no matter what you do? You ever feel unworthy because of something that happened in your past or because of mistakes you made? Do you feel like God's grace is for everybody but you?

Perhaps you've been told that you are nothing. Or that you don't matter. Maybe you were made to feel this way by the actions of other people.

Well no matter what you've done; no matter what you've been told; no matter what you think or believe about yourself - God loves you unconditionally and He has an incredible purpose for your life!

Even as followers of Christ we sometimes feel we have to earn His love or prove we are deserving of His grace. If that were true, it would make what He did incomplete or lacking in some way.

Here's the truth: God's grace is for you. Regardless. Jesus' sacrifice is enough. Period.

I'm telling you that you are loved with an everlasting love and you can't escape it. I'm telling you that you are more than what's happened to you or what's been taken from you. I'm telling you that you were made for greatness and you can discover it through Christ.

Tenth Avenue North says it best:

You are more than the choices that you've made. You are more than the sum of your past mistakes. You are more than the problems you create. 
You've been remade.

Because this is not about what you've done but what's been done for you.
This is not about where you've been but where your brokenness brings you to.

This is not about what you feel 
But what He felt to forgive you
And what He felt to make you loved.


  1. Michelle, I just LOVE you!!! Your words are such a gift to the word. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

  2. I love you too, my friend!!! Thank you so much for reading. And, as always, thanks for your kind words.

  3. I really needed this, Michelle. Thank you for sharing God's truth.

  4. Glad to see you, Melinda! Much love to you my friend!!