Daughters Of The Most High God

Daughters of the Most High God,

The Father is pouring over your hearts a new level of grace to open up those places you've discarded and not allowed Him to go. And why is He doing this? It is to show you how much value He has placed upon you, and His value is ripening those places that are slow to grow.

Give your whole heart to Him and allow Him to uncover that which He specifically placed inside of you for this coming move of the Holy Spirit.

Your value is of great worth to the Almighty but many of you are feeling unworthy, lost, broken, and cast aside. Now is the time for the revealing of all God has kept disclosed until its appointed time; the appointed time is now.

Rise up, oh Daughters! He’s calling you to find your place in His Kingdom. Do not walk in your own understanding but allow the Father to show you His Heart towards you and all He has called you to do.

This a time unlike any other. The Word of the Lord is going out into its appointed place and retrieving all that has been lost or stolen not only by the enemy but by other people.

Your words are of utmost importance; guard your tongue; guard every word you speak. For there is a sure hope in His Word.

There is a sound from Heaven the Father is releasing specifically for His Daughters

You are His sound in the earth. 

Listen for His sound in your own heart.

You are His expression in the earth so let Him take you where He wants you to be.

Do not mistake what He is doing; He is allowing this time of exposure in order to ready all the Saints. 

Nevertheless, trust what He is doing; for you were destined for greatness all along.



  1. this is for me. So much.

  2. This is wonderful, Michellle.....speaks to me loudly after having just gone to the first Sozo healing session on Tuesday. Hope you are doing ok?