The Word of The Lord for The Prophets: Parts 1-4

The Father spoke to me and said He is releasing a fresh word to His Prophets now. This is the word and it is in four parts. He spoke four words to me - expansion, expectant, exposure and expression - and then He elaborated on each one. He asked me as a servant to release this on His behalf. And so, therefore, I humbly submit this to you, His fellow servants, in much grace and love.



[December 17, 2013]

WOTL for the Prophets - Part 1

“1. Expansion (growth, development, increase, enlargement, extension, amplification)

This is a word I AM using on purpose, says the Father; for I AM about to expand My own who are yearning for an increase in Me. Said another way, it’s about to get really good for those who are on board with My Order.

I AM increasing My Favor upon My people.

Now to the prophets.

I want to release a word to My servants, the Prophets.

There are those who long for great revelation concerning the things of God. I will not disappoint them or those who are longing for My Son and His Righteousness.

I AM expanding My Prophets.

Get ready; for I AM about to send you out fresh among the people. I AM already aligning you who are called as My chosen servants and yield yourselves totally for My service in the earth.

As I AM spoken to you now, you already feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit as He leads your hearts into receiving this very word unto yourself. The more I AM spoken, the stronger the Spirit will direct you into the knowledge of what I want you each to know.

I AM calling on My Prophets to not only rend their own hearts but to call My people into rending their hearts also (Joel 2). I AM lining up your hearts with My own in what is coming; for a time like no other looms on the horizon.

As you enter into the new year of 2014, I will release many of you into your new assignments. Some of you are coming out of intense warfare. Never worry; for I know how to tend My own.

I will set you apart in order to protect your hearts so that you can hear and receive from Me all that is coming on behalf of the Saints of God.

The start of one thing marks the end of another.

You are entered into a new time and a new season.

It is a time and a season of expansion.

WOTL for the Prophets - Part 2

2. Expectant (eager, hopeful, excited, expecting, pregnant)

My Prophets are carrying a new Word of God deep in their spirits and I've yet to draw it up out of you. All who are divinely called to serve in My Office, the Office of the Prophet (Ephesians 4:11), are pregnant with a fresh word from Me.

Perhaps you already know it. Some of you are sensing an unusual yet familiar stirring in your bellies. Some have even asked Me, “Father, what in the world am I sensing in my spirit?!” Let Me assure you that you are picking up much in your prophet’s spirit and it is aligned with Me and My Order.

I AM sealing My servants’ hearts together. You all are going to be united by the Order of Christ and it will rise up inside you. By this, I will speak as one to My Prophets. Yes. This is what I will do, says the Father.

Unity and not division among the Saints; this is what the times are calling for. All the petty bickering and all the false bearing of witness against one another must stop. For this is not how the Body of Christ should conduct themselves. I will not tolerate such behavior in My Church any longer.

Conviction must come in its fullness, says I AM.

I AM preparing the Saints to carry such a great message of My Heart to those who do not know what, or more precisely, who they are missing.

Yeshua is the message.

WOTL for the Prophets - Part 3

3. Exposure (disclosure, uncovering, revealing, unveiling, publicity)

Exposure is a multi-faceted thing. I AM exposing all truth; whether it be good or bad. This is what is coming next in its full measure.

Many are harboring ungodliness in their hearts. Many have stuffed back the skeletons that are in their closets so often; they don’t even recognize what those old bones really are anymore. Or how it really affects them.

I long for them to know the fullness of My touch. I want them to know healing in all those places where they are wounded and bound by the enemy. I long to bring them into the secret place where I AM. But many are not willing to give up their lifestyles or bondages. This holds them back. This prevents them from receiving fully what I long to give them. For if they are not willing to allow Me access into those deep places, how can I bring freedom to them? I long for them to not only know Me but to understand all I have for them and their families. I carry a better word for them and they do not understand this.

Some believers, however, have flatly disregarded all that Holy Spirit has tried to show them. They walk a path that appeals to their fleshly desires instead of yielding to Me. It will cost them.

I will expose all the great things I AM doing as well. All those who have, in this past season, remained hidden and concealed by My Order are going to be let out and released to serve My Order to the people of God. This will shatter the misconceptions others have developed about who you are.

They are going to be given a choice: Receive My Prophets in the Name of Jesus and you will receive a prophet’s reward. Or reject My Prophets and receive nothing (Matthew 10:41).

The greater the exposure, the greater My Sound (frequency) that will reverberate throughout the earth, says the Father.

I AM pouring out a fresh, new Sound

WOTL for the Prophets - Part 4

4. Expression (manifestation, appearance, utterance, communication, demonstration,  representation)

My expression is sure and safe.

Now is the time I AM calling My Prophets to arise. Now is the time I AM calling you to go forth for Me and declare this fresh, new word that is deposited inside your spirits. It will be accompanied by a fresh new anointing of My Spirit. It will be accompanied by this fresh new sound.

My Prophets are set aside for Me. They are all-consuming in their knowledge of My Order and speak out and declare the things of the Kingdom. They are tested and tried. They are sure of their calling. They know more is required than what they are able to give and so this puts them in a place of total trust and dependence upon Me.

I require much of My Prophets. And in this hour you are approaching, I will pour out grace and favor on you as I never have before so you might carry the fresh, new sound I AM sending into the earth. I will awaken this sound through you who are My Prophets as you carry My Order to My people.

The development of My expression is in your hearts.

I will draw you out and away from all things. Don’t let anyone or anything take you away from where I want you to be. Your place is before My Throne. Your place of safety is found in Me. My covering is what will allow you access to those places that you are least likely to enter into on your own. This is where My Favor will make the way for you. For out of the least likely of places you would ever think to go or be; I will draw the well of Jacob on your behalf and supply you with the refreshing you will need. I will support you in all that you are going to do for My sake and the sake of The Kingdom.

So shake the dust from off yourselves, as you have struggled in times past. For now is a new day and I AM calling you out from the places you are in; I AM adjusting your mantles, and I AM placing My great favor upon you in the new places I AM calling you to occupy; for the wind carries a great new sound - a sound from Heaven.

There are strategies I AM giving to the Saints in order to carry out what I desire to happen. I AM backing up the ones who are not leaning on their own understanding but who are seeking Me in all things. 

You are My expression in the earth; you who are My sons and My daughters. You are the ones carrying the great new sound and you will feed it to My people. You will ever thirst for more of My righteousness and it will give you greater access to the places you are to go on My behalf. 

I AM forming divine alliances among My people also. The windows of Heaven are opening and they are sending out messages in the form of fresh revelation. You are to carry these messages as I expressly direct you to. Do not turn from it but ingest all I have for you and your walk will be well with Me.

These alliances are promoting My agenda in the earth. They draw together the resources of My people and make stronger the bonds that hold you together in Christ. For Yeshua is your greatest hope. He is your greatest strength. He is gathering His own in order to send you out so that you might carry His message of love and hope to a dying world.  So you might be a shelter to those who are without a covering.

Oh Prophets of God, will you feed My Sheep?" 

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