God's DNA And Your Identity In Him

No one else can carry what God the Father has uniquely given you to carry. Absolutely no one can do that but YOU. Oh someone else can try to, but it will not be to the same magnitude nor will it have the intended effect because YOU were designed to carry it and not them. 

So is it essential that we walk out what He has given us to do? Yes! A hundred times Y-E-S!!!

There are people who God has called you to reach through the gifts and creativity inside of you. He gave it to you. You are made in His image. God is a Creator and when we live and move and have our being in Him, so are we. We create with Him as He leads us. Don’t shy away or back down from the unique gifts that you carry inside of you. As a believer, you carry divine genetics. You have the DNA of God within you. And He is just waiting to unlock it and show you the potential you have in Jesus. It’s magnificent, awesome, and relevant for now.

Some of you have been asking, “When’s the time?” 

Well, I hear the Lord saying that the time is NOW. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now!! This is the season. The time is now. The key is in finding or discovering your identity in Him, in Jesus. WHO ARE YOU IN CHRIST? Don’t dismiss this question; it’s more relevant now than it’s ever been in your life. Who are you in Him?

Many people want to know, but they don’t understand how to go about finding out or receiving it. Well, God always intentionally leaves an element of mystery in place so we will seek Him for the answers. It’s His nature to hide revelation for us to find (Proverbs 25:2). And He often uses others in the Body of Christ to help reveal more of this to us. In other words, we need each other. God doesn't show us everything; not even about ourselves. He has set it up this way on purpose. Ultimately, He wants us to seek Him for it.

You might not be called to impact everybody, but you are called to make a difference in the lives of certain people and in certain areas. It might be an entire region, or it might be your city or town. Or it might be your family.

Your identity is not what has happened to you. Your identity isn't what other people say about you or how they treat you. Your identity is not even what you think about yourself sometimes. Your true identity is only found in Yeshua; Jesus the Christ. He is the KEY to knowing who you really are. And He is the KEY to unlocking this great potential to excel and succeed and do great and mighty things in the world for Him.

It might be through the arts (music, painting, photography, videography, writing, dance, etc.). It might be through engineering (designing buildings, structures, highways, bridges, etc.). It might be through healthcare (doctors, nurses, technologists, therapists, nutritionists, etc.).

It might be about growing healthy, sustainable foods or making the best quality coffee or tea that you can offer to your community. Communities need master carpenters, electricians, and plumbers; they need teachers, florists, bakers, and chefs; they need mayors, law enforcement, fire, and rescue; they need farmers, mechanics, and postman.

There are many of you who are called to be entrepreneurs and don’t even know it. God has not only given you an innovative gift that will help people and advance His Kingdom but will also help you to make a good living.

Some of you are called to carry the torch of righteousness for your homes, your families, and your cities. Some are called to be tuners. Not just tuners in the natural, meaning tuning musical instruments or electronic devices, but spiritual tuners. God wants to use you to help “tune” others into the things of the Spirit; into spiritual truths. This is very important.  

Some are called to be negotiators or intercessors. Your words are designed to dispel the antagonist in operation. Your words sow seed in the ground and when the time is right, they will come forth and produce a harvest.

And it is the time of unusual harvests - you’ll reap more than you planted or sowed. This is a spiritual principle in effect. Seed, time, and harvest (Genesis 8:22). What’s unusual is how God is going to manifest it. Increases will happen in unexpected but extraordinary ways.

Speaking of extraordinary, there is something special God has placed on the inside of you. There are times that you can feel it. You might not be able to fully get ahold of it yet, but we have come into a time when God is going to make many things known. Exposure isn't always a bad thing. Yes, many exposures are aligning to reveal what has been kept in secret; what has been hidden, covered-up, and concealed. Some of it is bad, but some of it is really good. For the Lord to expose your true identity in Him is a really GOOD thing. So embrace it, welcome it. It doesn't just matter or make a difference. It is VITAL for this time we are in. It would astound you to know just how highly God thinks of you, and how much He has actually entrusted you with for the sake of His Kingdom.

To know the truth of why you were created, to understand the purpose for your being born, to come into the knowledge of this will literally change your life. Get ready, for God is setting many people up to discover and walk in the truth of who they are and what they were sent to this earth to do for Him and His Kingdom.

You were created in excellence. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You were born to do great exploits. You are designed to walk in the sphere of your calling that God alone has placed deep inside of you.

It’s time to let it rise up. It’s time for you to find out the truth of your inheritance in Christ. He LOVES you!!! And it is time for you to come out of hiding and allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you into the knowledge of all truth. He wants to show you things that are to come. Things you will do together.

It's time to come up higher.

In the Name of Jesus, I am calling you to come out now and embrace the truth of God’s goodness and who you are in Him. You were born for such a time as this. God does not make junk. Let Him show you the high value and worth He sees and has placed within you.

Raise your head up. He’s calling for you!

Michelle Holderman 
Copyright © 2014 


  1. Thank you. Praying for healing and this very thing. Merry Christmas, Michelle!

    1. Always nice to hear from you, Moi. Merry Christmas to you too!