Snow Revelations: Part 2 (The Bride)

If you've not read Snow Revelations: Part 1, please do so. This will help you better understand the whole of what The Lord revealed to me. It is interesting to note that since I first wrote Part 1 in January, much of the USA has experienced additional, record-breaking snowfalls and temperatures. Also of important note is the rare snowfall this year in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and the Negev desert. Go here to read more about this. Blessings. 

~ Michelle

On Saturday, January 24, 2015, we had our first measurable snowfall of the season here in Kentucky. Actually, we got more than was forecasted by some local meteorologists. It was wet snow, so it stuck to everything, which made it look like a winter wonderland. It was absolutely beautiful to wake up and see nature blanketed in pure, glistening white. My tea was hot, and the view from my window gorgeous; the birds were at our backyard feeders in abundance. It was a lovely winter sight to see. As I sat taking it all in, my spirit suddenly began to stir. 

The Father spoke to me first and began showing me the spiritual and prophetic significance of this snow in reference to Isaiah 55:10-11, and His promises being fulfilled in our lives. I wrote about that in Part 1.

Then Jesus began to speak to me about the snow in 
relationship to the Body of Christ, His Bride. We know in Scripture the Church is referred to as the Bride and Christ as our Bridegroom. Thus, the Bride of Christ. I pray the Holy Spirit will lead each one of us into fully receiving and understanding this revelation

With that in mind, here are the Lord's beautiful, intimate, and truthful words to us, His Bride:

"The snow also represents covering, cleansing, and purity. The Bride is about to be made known in her true beauty, but I must purge [cleanse, wash, purify] her first, and in so doing, I AM also covering her. 

My Beloved, I AM about to reveal who you are. I AM positioning My Bride, the Body of Christ, for you are taken. You are already spoken for, and no one else can have your hand but Me, your Bridegroom, Yeshua, Jesus.

Come, My Beloved, and let Me make you ready for your time is at hand. You will shine as bright as the light you are bonded with. You will make known revelations of truth and light. You will express My love to all you come in contact with. Indeed, this is the time for the Bride of Christ to be united. 

Only I can prepare you. Only I can fill you with My light. Only I can make you shine as bright as the noonday sun. Only I, your Beloved. And that is what I AM doing. 

Embrace Me. Embrace My love for you so you can show My love to others who are in desperate need of it. For I delight in this, and I delight in you, My Beloved Bride."

Your Bridegroom,

Michelle Holderman
P3 Ministries
Copyright © 2015 

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