Walking Through The Fire of Change

God raises up His agents of change through the fire. They must walk through the fire first before they can come out to help lead others through. And when it's time, God will bring them to the forefront to do what He has called, chosen, and/or commissioned them to do.

This is what's happening now on many levels.

The more intimately I come to know Him, the more I come to see and understand His ways are truly nothing like our own. They are much, much higher. This is why He often calls us to spiritually come up higher because it helps us to see and understand things from His perspective.

I say that because what He is doing won't necessarily look like what we think or expect. It will require us to come up higher to fully grasp.

Many of these agents of change that are being raised up for this time will challenge the status quo everywhere they go because they know the very heartbeat of God. Their finger is not on the pulse of the culture. Instead, their finger is on the pulse of the Lord. And don't be surprised by who they are either. Just know the Father has chosen them, and He has every right to do so according to His will and good pleasure.

We are in a time where we must truly lay aside our own opinions and desires, and align ourselves with Him, His heart, and His purposes.

There will be much transitioning taking place. Some of it will look like turmoil, but in the midst of this, God is actually redefining the soil from which we grow and function. New things are going to spring up as a result.

Change is surely coming, but most importantly, this is change the Father is orchestrating. Despite what it might look like in the natural, there are a lot of good things that lie ahead. The Lord is going to surprise many of us. The key is to set our eyes on Him and what He is doing.

I hear the Spirit of God saying,

"I AM directing them. I AM leading these God-ordained agents of change. I AM sending them forth, and I will not allow the smoke to clear without accomplishing the purposes of My heart. 

Some are crying out to Me, saying, 'Is there a way out?! Is there a way out of this, Oh Lord? A way out for me; a way out for my family; a way out for my nation?'" 

And the Lord says, 

"I have heard those cries. Now, look unto Me and trust what I AM doing, for I know the end from the beginning. And I AM doing a new thing that will cause great change to come and take place. 

Even now, a transitioning is underway. It is a transitioning from out of the old way and into the new way. It is the way I have chosen. I, alone, AM the answer for this change, and I will use those I have so decided to bring the purposes of My heart about in the way I desire. 

There are greater days ahead. And while there will always be some form of opposition from the enemy, I want to assure you; he does not have the upper hand - I do. So set yourselves in alignment with the purpose of My heart, for it is My purpose that is causing this great change to be produced. 

My Son said, do not let your hearts be troubled. Don't let them be filled with fear and anxiety, but trust in God. Believe in Me. These are indeed words to live by. 

I AM truth. I AM justice. I AM light. I AM love. And I AM serving notice to My House - get yourselves ready, for I AM coming. And know I'm not coming just to visit; I AM coming to stay. I AM coming to abide with you in a way I never have before. 

So as you walk through the fire of change, know I AM purifying you. Know I AM bringing you into the land of purpose and vision that your very souls are longing for. And you must embody this purpose and this vision, for it is the purpose and the vision of the Lord your God. It is the purpose and the vision of the Kingdom. 

I AM calling you to bring My Kingdom purpose and My Kingdom vision into the earth. And not only is this the way out many are crying out to Me for, but this is divinely etched in who you are. And you are My true sons and My true daughters. You are carrying My very essence within you. 

Do not disrupt the sound of My change, for I AM the sound that is bringing this about. 

I AM evicting deception, nonsense, and encumbrance. 

I AM dismantling contention, bitterness, and strife. 

I AM removing victimization, haughtiness, and darkness. 


I AM promoting some, and I AM bringing down others, for it is time. 

So do not be moved by what you see in the natural. My divine purpose is undergirding this time of great change. It will continue to get heated but do not be drawn into the rhetoric or the fray. Instead, let My hand guide you as you walk in My way. 

My change always incites upheaval; it has in times past, and so it is now. Nevertheless, My purpose is prevailing. 

I will perform My Word on behalf of those who love Me and are called according to My purpose. Have I not told you that I will work all these things together for your good? Did I not say that My Word will not return void to Me, but will succeed in what I sent it to do? 

This time requires you to ready yourselves. I AM calling you to be ready for this great,  unimaginable change that lies before you. It will be filled with both goodness and hardship, but the real matter at hand is that My purpose will prevail in it. 

As I expose deeper truths, as I reveal greater understanding, you will feel the heat building, but you will not be burned by it. 

My fire is a holy fire. My fire is pure fire. My fire is a worthy fire. And My fire will burn the dross away that is holding you back. My fire will be the light that bears witness with you. 

My fire cannot be contained as you know and understand containment. Rather My fire will rage with My purpose, and this is the sound you are going to hear - the sound of My fire burning. 

It will bring freedom to those who are in captivity; it will enlighten those who are in need of understanding; it will yield a purification and unifying of the saints; it will also drown out the voices of darkness that are trying to pervade many of My people. For this fire holds a holy roar of victory within it, and all who know Me will know this is My sound and not be afraid of it. 

Do not misunderstand My words, for when My fire rages or burns strongly with My purpose, people will run to it. They will desire to immerse themselves in My fire. 

Those who do not know Me will want to know and understand how it is this fire can consume death yet also give life. They will want to know who this God is that burns a fire so hot and so pure but does not destroy them? How can His fire burn with such immense love and light? How they will ask, is this possible? 

Then you, My sons and daughters, will tell them. You will answer for Me, and the answer you will give is Christ and Christ crucified. Jesus, Yeshua, will be glorified as you lift Him up and speak the truth in love to those who are far off, for My Son has already removed the barrier of separation. 

He is your peace. He is your righteousness. He is your hope. And He is the source of life and light with which the fire you inquire of burns. He will satisfy your hungry and thirsty souls. Only He can. Receive Him - t
his is My sound that will proceed out of your mouths. 

Be ready, for this is a time unlike any other. The Gospel will spread like wildfire, unable to be contained or extinguished. I will pour Myself out as I've never done before. I will ignite many with a fresh spark of My fire. In this, new campfires will be established to give My people fresh sparks of My love, truth, and grace, and it will be extraordinary. 

Guard your hearts, beloved, not from fellowship with each other, but from carnal deeds and fruit. Feed your spirits and take care of your souls. Keep yourselves in My perfect will and peace, and do not allow another to lead you off course. 

I will finish what I started, a
nd it will be good!" 

Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2016

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19 (English Standard Version)

Therefore, since we are receiving an unshakable Kingdom, let us be filled with gratitude, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe. For our God is a consuming fire. Hebrews 12:28-29 (Berean Study Bible)

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