Some Things I've Learned Along The Way

the presence of God in your life is more valuable than any amount of money

having gratitude for the small things will keep you grounded

the laughter of children is energizing

a hot cuppa tea is as soothing to the soul as it is the body

if you're willing to look, there is beauty to be found within the messes of your life

the grass isn't always greener on the other side

dreaming is essential

prayer really does change things

opportunity does not always look appealing at first

family and true friends are to be cherished

God always has a plan

human perfection is an illusion

there really are some things worth fighting for

rest is necessary 

joy comes in many forms

the devil wants to exploit your wounds; God wants to heal them

words are powerful

hope has a tangible expression

genuineness speaks to the heart

sometimes the answers are right in front of you

love does cover a multitude of sins

we need each other to get where we are going; God has designed it this way

nothing is impossible if you truly believe

wireless digital technology is really cool

God is trustworthy

change is a sure and constant thing

people won't always understand

suffering and brokenness bind us to Christ in a way nothing else can

God knows our hearts better than we do

what you do matters

Copyright © 2010 Michelle Holderman


  1. Michelle you are the most spiritual person I know! You are truely and angel of God! I just found your blog today and find it refreshing and uplifting! I know when I am having a bad day now I think of you and that makes me smile. Through everything I have been going through and you not not knowing the depth of it, God sent you reach out for me and pray for me! This I thank you for and am blessed to have a friend such as you!!
    Love you girl!

  2. Janet,

    Thank you for your sweet words! It is my prayer that the Lord speak to others through whatever I write. He's truly the inspiration behind it all! He knows all those things that no one else could ever possibly know. I just listen to what He says to me.

    I do pray for you and hold you close! Never forget that God loves you so much! That might sound like a cliche' but it is actually very true!

    Keep looking to Him, Janet! You can trust Him. I'm so glad you stopped by! And I'm so glad we're friends! Love you too, girl!!

  3. I like this list. Very well done.

  4. Thanks Jason! I appreciate you stopping by! I bet you could add a few things to this list too. I can think of some more myself. Kind of like the list that keeps on growing as we do :)