The Winds of Truth Are Blowing And The Sound of Heaven Is Coming

I hear the Spirit of God saying,

"There is a wind that is blowing; it is the wind of truth, says the Spirit. For the winds of truth are blowing, and they will uncover what many thought was lost. These winds will blow and reveal and expose. These winds will also bring a new sound with them; My sound, the sound of Heaven.

Hear, says the Spirit of Truth, what I say to you now. Listen to My voice at this hour. You are in a time unlike any other. There are indeed truths and mysteries that are being unveiled at their appointed times.

Stop looking at certain matters and saying, "It's over; we're doomed!" I desire you to stop speaking in agreement with the plans of the enemy and certain people. It is a sobering hour, yes, but I implore you to speak and prophesy the great plans of Heaven, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

I say this as an admonishment but also as an encouragement. Use your authority as We (Father, Son, Spirit) desire you to use it. Speak as We do; speak as We declare and foretell.

There is a prosperity that will awaken as the sound of Heaven falls over the nations and the people. We are awakening many of your leaders in this time who will prosper you as We desire.

Oh, United States of America, I tell you now that you are as an eagle in flight; you are soaring higher and higher on these winds of truth that are blowing. Your President is under My authority, and I want you to speak over him that which shall empower him and his administration. I desire you to use your voices to declare the plans and purpose of God over your nation because it is vital.

Who do you trust? I will say it again, who do you place your trust in?

Do not be double-minded and say on one day, "I trust in the Lord," and then on another day live in worry, fear, and anxiety. You are My people, and you have the mind of Christ, which means you have access to the very thoughts of God. So you know you are not abandoned or without hope for you have the real hope of glory, that is Jesus himself, alive in you (1 Colossians 1:27).

Many promises are on the verge of their fulfillment, but it requires your trust in the God who made them. It requires you to choose who you are going to believe.

Will you live as a people who trust in their God, or will you live as a people who don't?

Trust Him and His heart, beloved. 

He is trustworthy."

Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2019

* Please consider reading The Sound of Heaven, which is a word the Holy Spirit gave me in 2013. I believe it will provide you with some deeper context as it ties in with what He is saying in this word.

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