Thunderstruck 2.0

* (I originally received this word on May 5, 2021, but the Father has just released me to post this on The Ragamuffin Saint) *

If you've ever read the prophetic word the Father had me release in 2015 entitled "Thunderstruck," then you'll understand what I'm about to say. 

Two weeks ago, out of the blue, He simply said to me, "Thunderstruck 2.0." And I knew exactly what He meant. 

2.0 denotes a newer, superior, more advanced version of an original concept, product, or system. Or, in this case, a prophetic word from God. 

The original Thunderstruck word had a 4-year boundary: 2015-2019. And I believe it was fulfilled many times over. 

Now, the Father is saying to go back and read or reread everything the original Thunderstruck word said and know He is ordering a newer, superior, and more advanced version of that prophetic to come to pass (If you haven't yet read the original word from 2015, I highly recommend you do so you can better understand what He is saying. Please go here to read it).

He told me there is a 10-year time frame on this new version: 2021-2031. Ten is the number of law and order, specifically God's divine law and order. 


Thunderstruck 2.0 is the new word of the hour, and it will be filled with My order and My power in a way you've never known or seen happen before. 

You stand on the threshold of a whole new world; do not take any of it lightly. Again I say to you, ahead of this coming revelation of truths and mysteries - BELIEVE IT; IT IS TRUE! For it is I who has prepared this time and place for you. 

What once was will be no more. You are about to walk through a newly opened door you never knew was needed, but I knew all along.  

Trust this process and those I have chosen to execute it; know I AM at the helm of this coming change. I will reveal that which must be made known, and I will overturn what was meant to destroy you, for I AM your God, and you are My people, and I love you with an everlasting love! 

Today, on this fifth day of May in the year 2021, I say to you, Thunderstruck 2.0 is now underway.

I also say look to the tenth of each month. Watch what transpires and happens on those days, My days of law and order. For what I will do has never been done.

Michelle Holderman

Copyright © 2022

photo source: Pexels

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