The Compassion of Jesus

The compassion of Jesus involves many things, which is always rooted in His love for us.

His compassion looks like deep, tender care and affection.

It looks like Him holding us close when we’re hurting, suffering, overwhelmed, brokenhearted, scared, or weary.

It can look like healing; spontaneous, a process, or however He chooses.

It also looks like Him walking with us on long, hard, and painful journeys.

It looks like Him whispering hope and love into our hearts.

It looks like Him leaving the ninety-nine to go after the one.

His compassion also looks like Him telling us the truth - the truth of our stories, hearts, life circumstances, world events, His purposes, or the will of the Father.

It can look like Him saying no, not yet, or wait.

Conversely, it can look like Him giving us the courage and grace to do something it’s time for us to do.

It can look like Him teaching, maturing, and pruning us.

Sometimes His compassion looks like righteous correction or discipline (Proverbs 3:11-12).

He is moved in compassion for our whole wellbeing, not just for a brief moment or life event. Therefore, the fullness [every facet] of His compassion is needed and necessary in our lives, and we must embrace it.

We must trust Him enough to know He has our complete and best interests at heart, and not only in certain things or times, but eternally, always and forever.

When we belong to Him, we can trust the fullness of His compassion in action towards us because He is our Good Shepherd and the lover and restorer of our souls. We can absolutely trust the Lord with our all because He freely gave us His (John 10:11-15, Psalm 23).

He knows everything - past, present, and future. And so He knows how to administer His compassion in the precise ways we need throughout our lives.

I counsel you to trust Him because His compassions will never fail you, beloved; even when you don't understand, especially then.

Michelle Holderman

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