THE PATH TO FREEDOM AND JUSTICE: A Vital Word from the Father's Heart (Word 1 of 3)

The heart of the Father came to me, saying:

The entire earth is about to change. Life, as you know it, will never be the same. The words of My heart are coming to give you hope so you won't be dismayed. Hear My words now and know you are entering the greatest of days.

This is ultimately a word of good news to you. Understand, though, this won't look like what you might think initially. This is why I AM releasing these words to you so you can hold them close as this unfolds.

There are deeper exposures and undoings that are set before you, things you could not possibly know or have to happen apart from My intervention. As this takes place, your world will change. It will seem as if everything is falling apart and collapsing. And it is, but it is for My purposes so I can build anew. Yes, even in the Church.

This is the path to freedom and justice I have chosen, and if you are not deeply rooted in My Son (Jesus, Yeshua) and in your faith, you will be swept away by fear, uncertainty, and distress. 

Therefore, LISTEN TO MY WORDS, AND KNOW THIS REQUIRES YOUR FAITH AND TRUST IN ME. Your building on the Rock is the right foundation you need to weather this "storm." Persistent, consistent faith in your God will keep you. 

These last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November are vital; by the end of this year, much change will have occurred.

I want you to be ready, so I AM telling you, DO NOT FEAR AND DO NOT BE IN DISMAY, BUT DO BE PREPARED. 

What you have not been able to fully know is the systemic evil and corruption that has surrounded you, including the who, what, and how of it all. This will indeed be a shock when it is revealed more openly and made known. 

I will not be denied in My purposes nor allow the enemy or any persons to interfere as they have in times past. So prepare yourselves. 

My admonition to you is purpose to set your hearts on Me, on My will and My order; on My presence. Stop listening and being moved by the words and actions of those who do not even know Me or My ways. Instead, be led by My Spirit like you're supposed to be and ask Him how I want you to prepare for what is coming; it is not too late.

Kindergarten faith will not help you. This is the time when your deeper faith must go to work as the true Sons and Daughters of the Most High God that you are. 

If you're wondering how to earnestly and rightly pray, ask Holy Spirit - He always leads you into all truth. He is waiting for you to ask so He can show you. But do not squander your time; do what He leads you to do, and you will be ready.

Above all, remember that I love you with an everlasting love and will bring you through this. However, you must be intentional with what I show you; don't put it off. Stand firm and be strong in the Lord and His mighty power. The truth will surely prevail, and so shall the purposes of My Kingdom.

Michelle Holderman 

Copyright © 2022

Scripture References:

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