I heard the Father say:

How you treat these next several months is more important than you know. 

What am I saying? 

The hearts of My people, the true ekklesia, are on My examining table. 

You are being tried and refined, and on the other side of this, I see you and your faith as pure gold; a sure testament to what you've gone through and what it has produced.

The purifying is hard and harsh but necessary; it is almost complete. More than you realize, your steadfastness in the Lord is vital—as in a sure lifeline. 

Know what transpires over the course of these upcoming months will bring better clarity to many aspects of your lives. 

Know your vigilance [in prayer and watching] is still of great importance. 

Look where the stones are not yet turned over—this is where you should focus your prayers and attention. 

In other words, there is vital revelation hiding beneath that will be made known when they are overturned.

You thought you knew already, but I say you only know in part. This soon-to-be uncovering of truth is “the rest of the story” you could not know otherwise. 

It is through divine intervention you will know it in its fullness. And I want you to know; I want you to see. 

Expect an overturning of unrighteousness and injustice.

Expect an overturning of lost time and effort.

Expect an overturning of hearts, mindsets, and souls.

Expect an overturning of circumstances and finances. 

For these are the days of awe and wonder; these are My days.

Who can thwart Me when I’ve stretched out My hand? Who can stop My judgment and justice from coming? You are on the verge of it so hold on. 

Yet again, I admonish you not to squander your time. Do not spend your days foolishly, carelessly, or act as if none of this will happen. 

When it does happen, life will not be like it was before. There are much better days ahead but none of it will be as in times past. 

There will be a higher level of accountability on the earth, and it must be so. 

Do not think things will go back to usual as you define usual; nothing could be further from the truth. It will be even better but you have no context for it. 

I AM establishing a new way of life [on the earth], but before that happens much must be dealt with openly. 

The heart of a person is the wellspring of their life because everything flows from it. Said another way, everything is a matter of the heart. 

So take care to know your own hearts, beloved (ask My Spirit to show you). 

They [your hearts] must line up with My Word, that is JESUS, My son; Yeshua, the Living Word himself. 

This is how you know real grace and truth. This is how you measure rightly.

Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2022

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