The Healing Files: Juicing

I'm now in the ninth month of my Lyme protocol and I'm finding it difficult to put into words just how deeply this natural treatment is working. Right now, my days are up and down and anywhere in between. But having been so sick most every, single day for several years to now being in this waxing and waning mode is actually rather encouraging. Although a lot days are just plain hard, I do believe it reflects the fact that my body is going through an enormous transformation of healing. But it seems this time is requiring even greater perseverance on my part; regardless of what I do or do not see. This is definitely a long and winding road yet it's a road ordained by God and that makes all the difference. 

I thought I'd post some photo updates to help share the important things I'm doing day to day in pursuit of healing and wholeness. Trust me when I say this is a full-time job! Todays post is about juicing. And while I've actually juiced for a number of years, I've become more serious about it since being on the Lyme protocol.

I juice daily right now. And while the combination of vegetables I use varies, organic carrots, celery, beets, kale and spinach are all apart of my overall regimen.

Because of its abundant nutritional content, I started adding organic wheatgrass powder to my juice. I initially started juicing fresh grown wheatgrass but soon realized it is very time consuming and requires large amounts for daily use. Although I know nothing can compare to fresh wheatgrass, I find this powder to be quite good and the next best thing. It's more compatible with my circumstances.

This is the beautiful end product. Juicing every morning is impacting my health in a very positive way and adding wheatgrass seems to be a missing ingredient I was needing. I've noticed a small but sure improvement in my energy and a greater improvement in my digestion. And I know I am putting whole power-packed nutrition into my body as I drink this daily. 

Good nutrition is a must especially when healing. Juicing is a vital part of my overall health regimen and combining it with my treatment protocol and other healing therapies is truly beneficial. I see that it will always be an essential part of my living a healthy lifestyle. Investing in a juicer is so worth the money. It's a great way to get in the daily servings of fresh vegetables that we all need.

While juicing is clearly advantageous, it does require prep time and energy. Chronic profound fatigue has prevented me from being able to do even the simplest of things through the years. My energy is slowly improving through this treatment but it's a process. And some days, I'm totally back at zero.

This speaks of the fact that I cannot do this all on my own nor can anyone who is working to heal from chronic Lyme or any other disease for that matter. My mother continues helping me in so many ways and juicing is one of them. She invests in buying, preparing and juicing these vegetables for me. This allows me to have fresh organic juice regularly.

On my own, I would not have the energy to do this daily. Mom sees to it that doesn't happen. I am blessed tremendously by her and her devotion to helping me be well. Both my Dad and Mom have helped me so much through the years financially. I am so thankful for them and their support. There really are no words. The Lord is truly supplying all the resources I need. And I pray He blesses my parents abundantly for all they have sacrificed and done for me.

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