Handle With Great Loving Care

When God sends someone our way who is hurting, struggling, or brokenhearted, what's the best we can do for them? What's the best we can give them?

For starters, I don't think to quote a few Scriptures, or a two-minute prayer will get it.

When God entrusts us with a precious hurting soul, we best understand how He feels about them; His perspective is vital. He takes it seriously and so should we, therefore it's always wise to be led by His Spirit.

He doesn't direct another to us because we have all the answers or because we're perfect. He sends them because He wants to minister to [tend, care, love or help] them through us. Usually, its either because we share a similar life experience or He's equipped us to work in their particular area of need; perhaps it's both.

Think of your most broken, vulnerable, wounded, or hurting places. Now, how would you want them to be handled by someone else?

The Father's Heart on the matter is this: HANDLE WITH GREAT LOVING CARE. 

That's precisely how we would want our hearts to be held, and that's exactly how He wants us to hold the hearts of others.

So when He sends someone our way, how about giving them the best of ourselves; we might need the best they've got one day.

How about receiving them like we would want to be accepted; we may find ourselves in need of humbly receiving from them sometime.

And how about loving them like Jesus; He might decide to love us through them in a future time of hardship or brokenness.

- Michelle

Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2011


  1. This is so true and so beautiful....just lovely.

  2. I just reread this and found it speaking to me again, especially this week. So glad you reposted it....

    1. I really felt the Lord wanted me to post it again and knew there was a reason. So thank you for letting me know this, Renee. Love to you, my friend.