In the fall of this year, an Angel of the Lord came to me and said the Father would give me three new words that He wanted me to release. The angel went on to say they would be unlike any words He'd ever given me, they were from His heart, and I was to release them as He directed.

The first word came three days later in October, the second in November, and now, the third and final one on this last day of December (New Year's Eve).
This is not an easy word, it is quite solemn and weighty, but it is the word the Father has given to me. And so I, in obedience, submit this to you as He has required it of me.

Listen, says the Spirit of God, for the hour has come for greater exposures and undoings [in the earth].

Those who are doing the bidding of Satan and his network of darkness are under the judgment of the Living God.

Does this sound harsh? Only by My Spirit can you know these words are truth.

Before you all lay the Bridge of Time—not everyone and everything will cross over.

My patience has come to an end with those who continually despise and reject My ways and are willfully rebellious and disobedient.

Hear My words: I AM removing those who cause constant strife and destruction; those who will not repent or humble themselves before Me, even though I have tarried with them for some time [a long season or duration].

Only I, the most righteous and just of Judges, can make this decision, and I AM.

I can no longer tolerate the perversions coming up before My Throne.

There are too many of the righteous crying out for justice and righteousness. Will I not respond?

As My people, you are to be set in My ways, and not your own. You are to be holy as I AM holy (1 Peter 1:16).

So be ready, as I have told you beforehand. And know that My judgments are upright and true (Psalm 119:137).


Michelle Holderman 

December 31, 2022

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