I Will Be Still By Young Oceans

I absolutely love this new modern worship album by Young Oceans. It's beautiful, reflective, meditative lyrics and music are spot on and it's what's hot on my iPod. I truly believe God is transcending worship to a whole new level in His people. Freely download the album here (look under Loaves & Fishes). Or check it out on Amazon or iTunes. 

Peace to you. 

~ Michelle

I Will Be Still

Though the earth give way
Though the mountains fall to the sea
Though its waters roar
I will cling to Thee

Though the nations rage
And creation yearns for the Lord
Though the earth may melt
I'm forever Yours

There is no fear
As I look upon You

I will be still
I will be still
And know
And know You are God

Forever my Refuge
Forever my Strength
Forever my Helper
Forever my Friend

I will be still
I will be still 
And know
And know You are God

By Young Oceans


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the free download. I downloaded it and have been enjoying it so much this afternoon. Beautiful and gentle praise music...my favorite kind.

    1. Mine too Renee. So glad you're enjoying it. How are you, my friend?