The Changing of The Guard and The Isaac Generation

The Lord spoke this prophetic word to me earlier this month. It is a profound and exciting word about a new guard and a profound and exciting generation. These are His words. He asked me to share it now. Many blessings. ~ Michelle

The Spirit of God says it is the time of the season for the new guard to rise up.

“I AM removing some from their posts. Some will be called home. Others are going to be transitioned from out of their old stations to a new one but in the same location where they’ve always been. Their precision and skill will serve them and those they are covering in this new position.

Others will be brought out of confining places and posted on an entirely different watch altogether. They will occupy new places on My behalf and I will give them new strategies for these new places I have called them to conquer for Me.

Still, others are going to walk out from the hidden places and take their assigned place where I have ordained them to be. Some names you are going to be familiar with and others will be those you have never heard of before. Nevertheless, they walk in My Order.

As I unlatch the gate to this changing of the guard, My Order will rise up in this company of ministers (Ephesians 4:11-13). They will serve the people I have placed before them in love and commitment. They will not bend with the changing of the wind but will stand firm upon the Rock, Christ Jesus; the lover of their souls.

There is a new company of prophets I AM raising up. Their growth will be fast. Their spiritual gifts will multiply quickly. They will be like seasoned vessels in a short period of time. They are aligning up alongside other prophetic voices in the Body of Christ. I AM taking them to the ones who will receive them and lift them upon their own shoulders. I will use them as a launch pad for this younger generation.

They will present the Gospel of Christ in a unique way but without compromise of truth. They are yielded and sold out to that which I have chosen them for. They will walk as no names in the earth but this will be of no concern to them; for their highest desire is to make Yeshua known. Some will want to walk with them for the elevation or status but they won’t be able to keep up because they were never assigned to walk this way.

It will become apparent through this new generation of prophets that I sow My chosen ones where and when I want them. And it is often in unexpected places and at unexpected times. These are My servants that I call friends. They walk with Me and talk with Me. They are ever eager to hear and know more of My heart. They desire My Order in all things.

The Isaac Generation

The Isaac Generation will serve Me in a way you do not yet know or realize. And the magnitude of their service will astonish many. The generation born from the year 2000 to this present time will walk in godly boldness and authority as never before. They are going to be relentless in their pursuits for the Kingdom.
The Isaac Generation is a promise from Me.

Just as the Isaac of old was a promise fulfilled to Abraham and Sarah; so is this Isaac a promise I will fulfill to My Church. Barrenness will no longer occupy My house (Genesis 21:1-3). Through this promise, I AM raising up a standard against the enemy. The standard of Christ is strong in these young ones and they will war with His standard in their hearts. They will occupy new ground and new territory for Him. And they will walk in the supernatural as a generation has never done before.

The Isaac Generation has an anointing for prosperity.

Just as Isaac sowed in famine and reaped abundance in the same time; so will this generation (Genesis 26:12-14). They are anointed to prosper in all they do.

The Isaac Generation will walk in a double portion anointing.

Just as Isaac prayed for his wife, Rebekah, to have children when she was barren and I heard and blessed her with twins; so will I bless this generation when they ask of Me (Genesis 25:21). I will anoint their prayers with the anointing of a double portion.

The Isaac Generation will specialize in aborting the enemy’s plan.

They will discern and have great awareness of what’s going on behind the scenes. Some will walk in new levels of callings that have never been before in the earth. They will pull down generational strongholds that have been in place for many years. By My appointment, they will learn how to tear down demonic structures that are vast in the earth and replace them with My structure; the structure of the Kingdom of Light.

The Isaac Generation will walk in great grace.

They will be known as a generation of warriors who sought after one thing above all the rest – the grace of Christ. This will be their calling card. They won’t settle for anything less. And they will not promote their own hearts but the heart of Jesus.

The enemy wants to steal them and their callings. He wants to shut them down. The spirit of sorcery tries to lure them through this present age of darkness; through the occult and new age practices that are prevalent, some even in the Church. But this new guard I AM raising up will pray and intercede on their behalf. They will allow Me to use their gifts and callings as a platform for the younger ones to learn and grow from in their own gifts and talents.

This is not the time to grow fainthearted; for the Saints of God must stand in the strength of the Lord and the power of His might (Ephesians 6:10-18). This is what the Isaac Generation will do so well.

The Isaac Generation will start a revolution.

I will use the Isaac Generation to start a great revolution in My Church. The revolution is one of intimacy. They will know how to walk in closeness to their Christ. They will be regarded as generals assigned to the front lines. Meaning they walk in high levels of authority but will also engage in the battle and not just watch. I will awaken these young, mighty warriors and they will provoke the elder saints into action because of the vitality and godly zeal they will function in. And most especially because of the intimacy they will walk in with My Son.

They will walk out greater works (John 14:12). Many profound miracles are going to take place when this young generation prays. They will know they are given a great anointing on behalf of the God they serve and for the sake of helping people.

This generation is also of great intelligence. Many would (and will) test extremely high on IQ tests. This intelligence is given by Me, their Heavenly Father, to enable them to walk in those places I’ve called them to go and occupy.

Yeshua is raising up this young generation. They will not tolerate godlessness. They will walk steadily and not stumble. They will soar and not slump (Isaiah 40:31). Within this Isaac generation, I AM raising up a new breed of young eagles [prophets]. I AM also raising up a fresh new sound within this breed of prophets; for I AM making My House ready for these young ones.

There are those who are called to help usher these young ones into their place of authority. I will reveal great words to them on behalf of these young warriors in Christ. And these young warriors will walk by the example I will place before them through elder prophets who have learned and know the ways of God. They will teach the younger ones and help them to know what their place is in the Body of Christ. And they won’t reject this instruction but will embrace it with great fervor; for they will know this instruction is paramount to their understanding how to stand in the strength of their call and what they are chosen by Jesus, Himself to accomplish on behalf of His Kingdom.

They will declare, “We are marked and saved by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ!” They will not want to leave room for error but will walk close to those who I AM assigning them to learn from. This will also give them the covering they are going to need.

I will give them an unusual authority by which to operate in, not for themselves, but for the sake of those they are called to serve; for the lost; for the downcast; for the broken. They are going to raise them up and help them see their own destinies in Christ.

They will also be known as My end-time rangers. I will call them out. I will place My anointing upon them and they will flourish. They will utilize all the resources I AM going to give them. They will waste nothing. They will endeavor to take ground at all costs and leave nothing or no one behind.

I have called this generation My Isaac Generation on purpose because the banner they are going to carry reveals the true nature of Abraham’s son, Isaac; the child of promise. They were born for such a time as this.”

Michelle Holderman 
Copyright © 2015 


  1. This is fascinating....has me curious about it...God speaking to you?

    1. Yes, Renee. The Lord spoke this prophetic word to me and asked me to share it at His appointed time. Yesterday was it. I will add an intro to this. Meant to. Thanks for reminding me :)


    2. This Word is alive and well in my life. I am a part of the Isaac generation. Praise God!

    3. kg52874, I am so glad to hear it. Thank you for taking the time to let me know this. God bless you always! ~Michelle