The Agony of Saturday: The In-Between Day

Friday spoke loud and clear. Sunday has yet to speak. And so we wait in-between the darkness and the coming light. 

It is the agony of Saturday; the in-between day. 

The day of silence. 

The day of waiting.

Can you relate?

The promise was spoken, but now the promise has died. So we’re sitting in-between our devastation and our hope. 

Though it looks like all is lost, will we dare to hold onto what was promised?

Despite the hot tears and the deep pain, will we keep believing anyway?

Even though we know the outcome of Sunday, Saturday is still difficult to endure; everything seems bleak and faded.

And so Saturday is where we are right here and right now.

But there's a more excellent hope calling out to us.

It is this hope, “the hope of Glory,” that is speaking.

Will we listen?

Can we wait for the outcome of Sunday even if it's long in coming? 

Black Saturday is just as holy as Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. 

Do you see where I am going with this?

Though we struggle, though we’re weary and don't understand, will we patiently wait for the prophesied outcome? Will we wait for the promise to resurrect?

Even as the Blood of Jesus speaks a better word than the blood of Abel, can we speak the better word of our faith before we see it manifest?

Even as Christ’s death and resurrection secured the promise of life for us, will we let Him secure us in the perfect will of the Father?

Can we endure the doubt and the long silence of Saturday in our own lives?

Sunday has already spoken spiritually, but we've yet to see it with our natural eyes.

It’s coming. 

Can we keep waiting? 

Will we?

If you’re on hold or stuck in Saturday, keep clinging to the hope that's carried you this far; don’t let go of it. Although it looks dark and dreary, although it may feel utterly hopeless; dare to keep believing; dare to trust. Dare to set your eyes on the impending light.

The “hope of Glory” and the “light of the world” is speaking now more than ever. 

The truth is, you cannot reach Sunday without first going through Saturday. 

The truth is, this day requires trust.

You've come this far; don't quit now; you're almost there.

Your Sunday is soon approaching. 

My Sunday is soon approaching.

And even though we don’t fully understand everything that's happened, even though we've wrestled with disappointment, discouragement, doubt, and perhaps even death, we are set to see and behold the glorious beauty and fulfillment of Sunday.

No, Saturday, we cannot escape you, but you cannot extinguish the hope we cling to. You cannot take from us our battle-scarred faith. Nor can you hold us back when the dawn of our Sunday begins to break open. 

We will see, and we will know the hope and new life of blessed Sunday.

We will weep tears of wonder and joy when our promise arrives. 

We will be forever changed. 

And then we’ll know - it was worth it all.

- Michelle

Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2015  

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