The Deep Love And Tenderness Of Resurrection Sunday

“My love for people is My passion.” 

That is what I heard Jesus say to me this morning. 

He then consumed me with His love so I could fully have His heart for what He wanted me to share today. And while we mostly equate this day with power, and it's certainly true, He arose in all power, what I felt from Him this morning more than anything else was His tremendous love for us wrapped in deep tenderness. 

And then it hit me...

The power of Resurrection Sunday is found in the deep love and tenderness of Christ.

I could probably end this whole post with that one profound sentence and it would be enough. But I felt strongly from Him how much He wanted this to be more than just enough. 

He wants to elaborate. 

I feel I might fall short in this because words seem to fail me when I try to expound on the deepness of His love, especially what I felt earlier today. Sometimes tears speak the loudest. And I shed many of those this morning.

Nevertheless, I'll try my best to convey what I heard and felt from Him, even if I fumble through it.

Let me start by saying that no matter what you face in this life, the one constant you can always count on is His great love for you. 


He carries you in His heart and His desire is for you to truly know and understand how much He loves and cherishes you. 

Many words are spoken about this but few can ever fully penetrate the deepness, or the defenses, of our hearts. 

Only a word from Jesus himself can do this. 

Every, single one of you reading this – YOU’RE ON HIS HEART RIGHT NOW.

He wants me to let you know you are carved on the palm of His hand. You are engraved in Him, and He is holding you close this very day.

You are beyond significant to Him. 

As welcoming and fresh and pleasant as springtime feels so is His love for you.

He literally aches for you.

Have you ever just ached for someone because you love them so much? 

That's how He feels about you. But magnified a million times more. 

His longing is for you to know Him.

He is love.

He is light.

These are unchanging truths He wants you to get a hold of. Embrace His great love for you. There are not 10,000 steps to God. There's just one and He [Jesus] is it. 

What you've always heard about Him is true. He came; He died; He arose. And He did it all for you. His secret ambition was to give His life away. Jesus sowed His own life in order to reap you and me.

He freely gave His life away; no one took it from Him. No one. He chose to give it away and the only thing He’s ever wanted in return is YOU.

It’s as simple and as true as that.

Life is not perfect but His love is. And it is through His amazing love that we are sustained in this imperfect life.

No matter what anyone else ever tells you about Jesus, if it contradicts what He says, it’s not from Him.

He holds you with such tenderness, I can hardly articulate it. I mean true tenderness in every sense of the word. HIS HEART IS COMPLETELY TENDER TOWARDS YOU. Please look up the word tender to get the full understanding of this. Seriously; look it up.

His affections for you are pure. He wants to breathe new life into your being - abundant life. He wants to lift you up and give you wings to fly. 

His ultimate delight is in you not just knowing but truly experiencing His love.

He doesn't just want you to know it and then move on.

No, no.

He wants you to experience His love and never get over it. He wants you to carry His love with you wherever you go, and walk in the truth of knowing you are forever His beloved.

His love is the kind of love that looks you deep in the eyes and sees you for who you really are. And YOU ARE who He delights in. He treasures you. 

His love is the kind of love that reaches for you and picks you up with such immense kindness and compassion; you feel altogether undone and whole at the same time. 


And the devil can never beat that.

I know you may feel lost and lonely sometimes but the truth is you’re never alone. He is for you and not against you. And His love has a way of turning our winter into spring and making something beautiful out of all our suffering.

Perhaps what's most striking about this whole thing is when we feel furtherest from Him - when we feel the most beyond His love and redemption - is when He's most near.

The true glory of Easter, of Resurrection Sunday, is Jesus, himself.

And His greatest passion every day is us. 

It always has been.


Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2015 

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