Entertaining Angels

Recently, the Lord showed me a very powerful thing concerning what’s happening around me, my family, and our homes.

We’ve been entertaining angels.

Actually, I was in prayer a week ago when suddenly; I began to hear the classic Newsboys song, Entertaining Angels.

I heard it very clearly in my mind. So I started singing the chorus out loud:

Entertaining angels by the light of my TV screen
24-7 You wait for me
Entertaining angels by the time I fall to my knees
Host of Heaven sing over me.

And then the Holy Spirit told me that’s exactly what’s been going on - we’re entertaining many angels without realizing it.

I’m sure you know the Scripture that immediately comes to mind about this.

Do not neglect to show hospitality or kindness to strangers, for some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2

I think many of us have either heard a true life account of this, or experienced it ourselves but were only made aware after the fact. Or perhaps we’ve wondered how many times this might have actually happened to us and we just didn’t know it. Ultimately, this biblical counsel is true because the Word of God says it is.

However, what the Holy Spirit has been showing me is that we are entertaining angels directly sent from Heaven by The Father. We don’t necessarily see them with our natural eyes, although it is possible. Nevertheless, they are certainly present.

In fact, we’ve been hearing a lot of sounds in our house over the past couple of weeks that cannot be accounted for by natural means. I believe we are hearing the tangible evidence of what Holy Spirit revealed to me.

It isn't that this never happens. It's that this is different because we are in a different time. And The Father doesn’t just send angels to us for no reason. It’s on purpose He does this.

We, as believers, are often assigned angels, angelic guards, or angelic delegations for certain seasons or assignments in our lives. He sends them to help aid or assist us in the work of the Kingdom we’ve been assigned or called to do. They can deliver communications to us. They minister to us in our daily lives. They also help protect us and the work God is doing.

The Bible says angels are ministering spirits sent to serve or care for those who are heirs of salvation (Hebrews 1:14). They do the bidding of the Lord (Psalm 103:20).

In other words, angels don’t come with their own agenda. They come to fulfill the will of God. Whatever reason the Lord sends them to us is the reason they come. They obey Him and His Word. Nothing more and nothing less.

I believe these new angels we’re entertaining or hosting are also helping usher in this new season we have just entered into. New requires new. And this is not just for me and my family. It’s for all of God’s people.

When we pray The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) we are inviting the Kingdom of Heaven to make itself known more in the earth realm. We are asking for God’s will to be done on earth the way it is in Heaven. That includes angelic help.

Another profound thing He has shown me is that we are now in, what He calls, “The time of His intention or purpose.” And the basis of this is found in Proverbs 19:21: Man makes many plans, but the purpose of the Lord will prevail.

As He explained it further to me, I began to understand there are set times of God’s intention. They are appointed by Him. And when we do come into these times, His purpose overrides and prevails over the plans of people.

We are now in such a time. And it’s very good thing.

This is another reason He's sending new delegations of angels to His people. They will enforce God’s intention for our lives in this set time. They will sing The Father’s purposes over us; they will sing them to our spirits.

I really believe this post will speak to many of you. And whether you are experiencing what I’ve been writing about here or not, know this: The Father is sending angels, and heavenly resources, to His sons and daughters in this time. They are coming to help secure His purposes for this season in our lives. It’s very important. This time is very important.

I’ll close with this - It’s better than we thought.

God’s purpose, His will for our lives, Heaven’s intentions – it’s all so much better than we know. I’m not only hearing and being shown this, but I truly feel it in my entire being. 

It’s all so good. He is so good. Even those things that are not good, even things the enemy has meant for our harm, The Lord ultimately desires to work them out for our good and His glory. And the time we have now entered into will prove this.

God loves His people so much. He wants us to excel in the things we are called to do. So much so, He’s sending angelic help to make it happen.

So expect it. And rejoice in the knowledge that He loves you, He cares for you, and His purpose and intention will prevail in your life. His holy angels are coming to seal the deal and enforce Heaven’s purpose for you.

Who knows - you might already be entertaining angels unawares.

Michelle Holderman
P3 Ministries
Copyright © 2015

Photo Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons

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