Kingdom Artists

I see the Spirit of God moving through the arts in a wholly new, unique way. Painters, sketchers, graphic designers, potters, videographers, filmmakers, photographers, poets, writers (including songwriters), musicians, singers, dancers, and even DJ's – get ready to express the Father's heart in the new ways He's going to show you. Say what you will, but I am also getting He is going to move through chefs, cooks, bakers, and baristas; clothing and jewelry designers; and also graffiti artists (that's precisely what I heard Him say).

You will deliver the word of the LORD through your art; through the gifts and talents He's given you, and it will minister to and bless people in a way nothing else can. It will be sharp with precision and integrity. Holy Spirit will lead you and give you fresh ideas, some through dreams and visions, but you must step out and release them. Don't be afraid to share the unique creative expressions He gives you. You will know the right timing to release them too.

Also, this will present unusual opportunities only the Father could orchestrate because He wants to make himself known to those who would not set foot in a church. So He's coming to them through you and your art. 

I believe the anointing of Heaven, the sound of Heaven, is strongly flowing through the arts during this time and season. And as His Kingdom Artists, you are helping to bring His Kingdom and His will on earth as it is in Heaven and glorifying the Son [Jesus] in the process.

- Michelle

Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2017

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