The Excavating of Truths

The Father gave this insightful word to me on September 18, 2016. However, He’s never given me the green light to release it until now, and that’s because it is actually for this coming time and season. It speaks volumes to me. I pray it does you as well. – Michelle

The Father is speaking –

“Problems are going to be solved in this time. There are many who have struggled for years with certain troubles or issues. They’ve sought understanding and counsel but to no avail. Some of it was because the time had not yet come for the revealing of such knowledge, but the time is now. And as you work through untangling these difficulties, I will open access to the truths surrounding them.

There are bridges to the past that must be crossed and dealt with.

Some are under a form of oppression that’s related to past hurts or wounds. Even past words spoken can carry power if they’ve not been brought into the light of truth.

Some are being held captive by that which they do not even know. What am I saying? There are generational issues at hand that must be addressed properly. Some struggles in your life have nothing to do with you directly but rather with your ancestors; the consequences of their choices are affecting you presently.

Bloodlines are crying out to Me; some are standing in the gap for the sake of their families. They want to know what the true root or cause of the problem is, and so I shall make it known to them.

The exposing or revealing of what was previously unknown, sometimes even for many generations, will have a tremendous impact on the present. It will be like an excavating of ancient ruins; digging and unearthing truths buried long ago that will bring divine revelation into the here and now. In other words, your understanding lies in knowing what was long before you were ever born. That is something only I can uncover.

I AM bringing much knowledge and truth to My people. I AM revealing what was to help you heal what is in the present because that is the root of your struggle. This might sound somewhat cryptic or confusing, but I assure you; it is where the truth of what you long to know is hidden.

The sound of My voice is shaking what must be shaken, and what I AM shaking is dismantling that which needs to be uncovered.

A divine dismantling is underway, and you are going to walk in greater strength and resolve in what I uncover. I will give you the grace to do the work that must be done in this process. I will walk with you. I will provide you with the resources you are in need of. But, I must unveil that which is hidden and bring the truth of the matter to light. It will be the source of your recovery on many levels. And I do desire for you to walk in truth. I desire for you to have the fullness of life. I desire for you to prosper even as your soul prospers.

I will give you signs. I will speak to you through My creation. You will know that I AM for you and not against you; I always have been. It is the devil, your adversary that has been in operation opposing you. He is the trickster that’s been at work.

Nevertheless, there are those times when your own choices are at work, and, clearly, there are times when the choices of other people are in play. They can affect generations yet to come if not correctly dealt with.

Even those who have made poor choices and not previously done what I wanted—there will be a time of second chances because of how I AM at work. I do not wish that you would deny the cost or consequences of your wrong choices. I desire for you to allow Me to help you remedy them, which means being responsible for what you’ve done. It also means I will help bring restoration into the matter that will cause greater reconciliation.

Exposure is underway, and I will render My justice through the process of what I have spoken. I AM a God who delights in righteousness and justice. I also delight in restoration and redemption. And I AM unmasking truth and revelation to do just that.

Selah on these words, but also on Me.

I will restore the years that the locust and the cankerworm have eaten. I will give back to you what the enemy has stolen and greater even still.

I desire you to be and function in shalom—total wholeness and peace. 

All that I AM doing is to ultimately draw people back to Me.” 

Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2017

Photo Source: Pixabay

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