The Valley of Healing Waters: A Prophetic Word

The Spirit of God says,

"There are many who are about to pass through the waters of healing, but to get there, you must enter through the valley. Yes, there is a valley, a lowland, that holds the healing waters I speak of, so do not be afraid, and do not worry, for I will go with you; I will direct you and comfort you.

At first, it may feel like you have gone this way before, but I assure you, you have not. This is an entirely new place for you. This is the place that will cause you to see what you could not see before. You will see the more in-depth pieces of your scars and stories; you will see them coming together. This is the will of the Father.

There is a knowing you will come into here. Indeed, greater truth and provision are awaiting you at this valley of healing waters.

This will be a turning point for you, beloved. You will only travel this way once, so trust what I AM doing; trust I have thought of everything, even those things you have not; trust your promise is waiting for you on the other side of this anointed valley.

It is time to walk through these deep waters.

It is time for your healing, says the Spirit."

Michelle Holderman
Copyright © 2019 

Photo source: Pexels

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