The Necessary Pathway

The pathway of life looks different for each of us but we all must walk it. And as we journey along the path the views change. It looks different at different times and in different places. 

Sometimes we travel a scenic route enveloped by the beauty around us. Everything is vibrant and colorful. The view is amazing. God is close. We feel comforted and blessed in this place. It's pleasant and nourishing to be here. We find rest for our souls. It seems as if new life is being breathed into us; the kiss of life, if you will. Passing through this way may even seem like we're experiencing heaven on earth. Time spent here helps us endure other parts of our life's journey. It's necessary.

Other times the view is not so appealing and in fact; it's downright painful and ugly to look at. This area of life is a difficult place to be. But we must travel here as well, for this is the place where we often learn and grow the most. This is where we are usually stretched in every sense of the word. This place, as does each place, looks differently for all of us, and yet we share commonalities. It's uncomfortable here. God seems distant. Nobody understands. We feel broken. Lost. It's discouraging in this place and perhaps disappointing. It might even seem unfair here. But this is the place where hearts get dissected and fears are faced. This is the place where truth is revealed. Where we lay it all down. It's the place where healing begins. This is where tragedy and travesty can be transformed into something triumphant and beautiful. It's necessary.

And many times the path is rather mundane. Nothing spectacular. Nothing major. Nothing extraordinary. This is the regular, everyday place. The common place. This part of the journey is often underrated. We tend to get bored and dissatisfied here after awhile because the view is more simple and plain. And yet this is where our daily routines occur. This is the very place we long for when we're in the difficult, craggy spots. This is the place that helps keep us grounded. It's necessary.

Some places we traverse in life are strictly transitional. Transitional times are like bridges, connecting the place that we are leaving to the place that we are going. The thing about transition is that it's not a destination but rather a migration from the old into the new. Some transitions are short while others take longer. The view here is quite varied depending on the circumstances. It might be a nice, happy transition, or it could be a sad, difficult one. It could be a planned, welcomed passage, or it might be very unexpected and unwanted. Nevertheless, we all experience times of transition and this place is what ultimately links all other places together. It's necessary.

Clearly, life is not defined by these places alone but I have found them to be some of the recurring regions I visit in my own life's journey. And I've come to see the necessity of spending time in such places. I've also discovered God reveals more of Himself to me within them as well.

As we invest the time and energy to be in these places, as we allow ourselves to be there, we'll start to see things more clearly than we ever could before. We'll be more tuned in to our hearts and spirits. We'll become more aware of God's presence and promptings in our lives. We'll begin to move with less reservation and more resolve. We'll trust more. We'll love more. And we'll walk stronger in our faith.

It's necessary.

~ Michelle

Copyright © 2011 Michelle Holderman


  1. A beautiful account of the wanderings of mortal life. Love your writing Michelle.

  2. Beautiful! this speaks volumes to me and to many!